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  1. I couldn't imagine describing the experience as "massaging a sequential shifter" as it was quite violent. Not just because of the force needed to clank the gears but also from the back kick and loud pop. Reassuring yourself that it would be OK and not lift for the next pop which kept coming rapidly was quite the experience! That car looks amazing - don't wait ... just get it...!
  2. @JohnCh - Ah yes, that beast! I cannot wait to see that on the track one day! A playdate with the 620r would be fun, but I suppose the 620r has no chance
  3. Well then that's another reason to play @Croc!
  4. @Croc - Are you local here as-well? What are you building? Let's play!! @Kitcat - Yea the track is awesome for these cars. The Atom 3S had advantage with the DF though on medium speed corners (+also he was running wider tires). But i do think these cars will also do not too bad at high speed tracks. I'm sure they'll be able to keep up with most out there easly. Btw who is Cong and what is he driving?
  5. Hi Folks, You guys may remember me a year ago or so when I had purchased my yellow 620R from a shop in NY. Since then it has been quite a journey until we got it over in Seattle and Bruce from Beachman Racing got it working! Then we noticed that, I'm a bit tall for the S3 chassis, so we lowered the floors and of course it didn't sound that good - so got rid of the rear exhaust with a traditional side one - which sounds just perfect! I have to say I'm very lucky to have Beachman Racing in my zipcode otherwise I probably would be still driving my Lotus instead! His expe
  6. Yes, that sounds good. Also not sure if you saw the earlier msg on the side loud exhaust setup vs rear exhaust😁
  7. Yes, would have loved to hang out with you guys in the east coast. I did miss dunkin donuts too (Seattle is Starbucks country) I actually used to live in Boston for ~10 years before i moved here, in which i daily drove a Lotus Elise with 60k miles on it Rain, shine or snow. You'd be surprised how easy it is to power slide a Elise on fresh snow with proper tires! I was young and stupid then... now, i'm not that young anymore
  8. Currently the PNW tracks (Ridge, ORP (middle of nowhere), Pacific Raceways) we are lucky to not have sound limitations. I have to say PNW is awesome for a track junkie,, rain or shine I think only Portland has some sound limits though. If i every drive from Seattle to CA for some track days with you guys(which i will surely do at some point) you are right, i will for sure need to double silencer + rear config for sure.
  9. Awesome thanks for the pictures and keep us posted on how the build goes and ETA! Looking like a tight fit already! Btw, i assume it comes with two exhaust configurations... The one that goes all the way to the back and the loud one that comes from the side, with flames and pops We all know, this car wants the loud one set! I can't wait to wake up all the neighbors in the morning from a mile away !
  10. Awesome ordered the black stripes so this one looks identical to the Lego 620r! Yes, if you ever come to Seattle do let me know!!
  11. Thanks Rick for sharing photos! Keep me posted on how this week goes on the build and i'm looking fwd to your power slide video soon! In the meantime, i just go the Lego kit for 620r for father's day! It's almost the same! Looks like i'm going to need the black stripes to match it though... Is there a good way of getting those, doe anybody know? I would think they are just decals but not sure, how is easy is it?
  12. Hey Rick, nice to meet you and thanks for sharing more context. My interaction has been limited to Park Place so far, but great to hear from you! You do know i'm counting days to get this car... and hoping for maybe 4th of July week? So i do have two questions asks for you: - You gotta share some pictures with us on how the build is going?! - When the car is done, before you ship it... i expect you give it a go... push it hard, have fun... and do share on this thread how the car feels! (Hey if you have video of a few powerslides that will put a smile on my face as-well while i wai
  13. First half of July if everything goes well.. Hoping to do some drives with the local folks! Also open for a roadtrip as-well at some stage, if there any crazy folks out there...
  14. Yes, they just need to put the engine + transmission and they will ship it as a working car. One would expect this is a easy job, but i'm sure with my luck some parts are missing, etc.. Apparently the Sadev also needs a bit tinkering to dial in settings.. so hoping for no big surprises.
  15. +1 Being close to Bruce is a blessing! Regarding many Caterham drivers in PNW, i was not aware of that... but i suspect with a good set of CR28 tires and some weather package these cars would be awesome to do power slides to work everyday, rain or shine Btw, the next 5 days look like 80's, i hope you guys get out and post some pics! While i wait for my car... my wife has gotten me the lego caterham, so i will build that and play with it
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