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  1. No specific car --- using it for front suspension reverse trike
  2. Do you know who sells Upper/lower wishbones and bellcrank? Thank you
  3. Great! Thanks locost...appreciate the help
  4. Do you know where I can buy a compact or mini wiper motor (direct drive or something) with single wiper blade? The smallest possible would be great. The area is restricted and with small windshield. Thank you
  5. Trim the dashboard (half moon) to get an inch or so away from your knee. If no solution, drive a Suburban.
  6. Very nice project and insane mighty mike V8. I like to do the same project. I was trying to buy a salvage 2014 NISSAN GTR engine but the owner will not separate the transmission. I don't need the transmission because it's 4 wheel drive. I want to try V6 much lighter than LS3.
  7. I did the turbo & methanol - 370hp @10.8psi -- 412hp @14psi No radio, no power steering no nothing!
  8. "Did you happen to mention to your doctor that you drive a car with eyeball-flattening acceleration?" That's funny, I'm no Jeremy Clarkson and far from being a STIG either. I used to be a fearless rottweiler, can't do no shit anymore.
  9. Go to their DMV department, bring your documents and bring lots of money. Boooooom! This state is open for business. Registered!
  10. I like the LCC Rocket car Kitcat, I've been eyeballing this car a long time ago but way too expensive to buy the real one.
  11. Thanks Croc..... That's very helpful and informative. I read the one in pistonhead but nothing come close and nothing come close either on the exoskeleton cars. I think the closest one was the brookecars you sent me. Although I'm looking for a single seat and with a bike engine. The brookecars is an interesting design. My only problem ....i am not interested in the car engine. I wonder if I can convert to bike engine. I sent a message to the company but I never heard anything yet. I have 2014 Kawasaki zx-14r engine ready and Gordon Murray Light Car Company Rocket that i was eyeb
  12. Anyone here knows a clone manufacturer of LCC rocket car? Thank you
  13. "I wonder how a Seven and a Ariel Atom with equal hp would compare." I thinks its all about driving. Power & suspension also matter but I think against the 7 (with AARP driver), it will be very close.
  14. http://i64.tinypic.com/35lhwf5.jpg
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