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  1. I just spit up my soda laughing!
  2. Wow! That's one beautiful Storker Jack. Makes me miss mine even more.
  3. Wouldn't that car be hard to steer? I've never seen steamrollers on the front of a car that wide.
  4. Check this out... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kit-Car-Reliant-Bond-Bug-Unique-Classic-Car/173981734620?hash=item28821e96dc%3Ag%3AyukAAOSwfSJdQIQt&fbclid=IwAR2f6aykFI5P7QhDEoUqPTZFCzF11baCx5OBntEoP6Dhm-yPmlLv2mvmOfg
  5. Wow, this is a clean Caterham...love it...the fan is kinda goofy though... https://www.astonmartin-lotus.com/lotus/1977/1968-lotus-super-7
  6. I was extremely happy with the Harley Davidson 5 3/4" LEDs on my Storker. They did give the front a different look, but the light pattern was spectacular at night. The illumination was very clear. I did have some pretty decent luck with Sylvania XtraVision H4s. Here are some good American made LEDs...https://www.jwspeaker.com/products/
  7. Thanks for sharing the photos - quite an adventure. I'm relieved to know you didn't have to conduct field engineering to get the car home.
  8. It was tough to let it go, just like my last Birkin. I'm relieved the car went to a nice home.
  9. The new owner drove it to California.
  10. #159 going to a new home... http://i64.tinypic.com/2r5rcax.jpg
  11. Yowza! Super nice but I doubt I could get that to be street legal here in Colorado.
  12. Wow! From the bottom of my heart, thanks to each of you for the kind words. Building my Storker has been a wonderful journey. Over the years, Glen and Scott Minehart provided me with tremendous assistance and answered so many questions. I have gained so much knowledge and inspiration from other USA7 members’ builds. I have been on the fence about selling my car for some time now, but think it’s time for someone else to enjoy this car. I will probably list my car on USA7s first and then try possibly try BaT. Not sure what’s next, but have been thinking about a Factory Five ‘35 Ford Picku
  13. Thank you for the kind words. It's been a fun build. I think I'll be looking to find it a new home soon.
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