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  1. As expected, second assembly took 30 minutes. Got the front anti roll bar installed as well. Hoping to tackle radiator and some plumbing this weekend. Progress feels good.
  2. Despite reading all the build blogs on the headlight process, it still took me 3 hours so get the first assembly done. Pure comedy as I repeatedly started over after getting the sequence wrong. Super happy with the end result. Second one will be easier!
  3. Thanks - right now I’ve only done the steering rack exit and doesn’t look bad. Haven’t decided if I’ll keep going. Wish Caterham had done a bit better with the paint application.
  4. My car is a work in progress but would love to meet up with the local crew.
  5. Sorry for no updates. Making slow progress. Engine is in and learned some lessons along the way. Keep thinking how much easier this would be the second time but having fun bumbling along.
  6. Look great to me. Are they available for purchase now?
  7. Thanks Yogi - will take you up on that I'm sure. Another interesting discovery on the u-joint is that the build manual calls for an M8x40mm bolt whereas Pack A inventory lists the u-joint bolt as an M8x35mm. Grades are different as well. Decided to go with the higher grade 40mm just because. I have most of the front suspension in...making progress...the dreaded headlamp assemblies are up next. Good luck with the PBC!
  8. Thanks for the links. Decided to just get started in the name of progress as I had my dad on hand for the day and the IVA trim can wait (or will skip). Got off to a slow start today and generally things were much more difficult than expected. The front upper wishbones were a huge challenge and for a bit made me wonder if they would actually fit in the brackets. Upper bolt for the bilsteins was also a bear but we made it work. I had seen reports of the lower wishbones being difficult due to minimal clearance for the washers but was actually really simple for me. The biggest frustrat
  9. Any chance you have a link to what you used? Tried searching and failed.
  10. Im thinking I’ll do it just because the paint work is iffy on the edges. Except I can’t find the trim in the box that says it’s in there. All part of the adventure
  11. First (dumb) question. I know the IVA trim for the suspension/body openings are required in the UK but are folks in the US installing? What's the risk/downside? The paint isn't totally perfect on the edges so might make sense to add but curious what the prevailing wisdom is...
  12. Thanks! It's not fancy but really happy to have space to build
  13. After 9 months from deposit date, my 420R and all associated bits are finally in my garage and ready to build. It was rather special to have my family and my dad on hand during delivery. Special thanks to Bruce @ Beachman Racing for his help throughout the ordering process and of course for getting the kit safely to my house (and for responding to my inevitable questions during the build). Also a big thanks to some new friends in the Avants group for helping unload and lending me a pallet jack. I will be adding some pictures along the way and of course asking for help when I get st
  14. Thanks @yogi - think I’ll stick with basic stands as I have enough room to work. Boat landing in Seattle on Friday. Not long now
  15. Looks like good fun. Thanks for sharing. Was indeed a glorious weekend in the Seattle area. While I don't have my Cat yet, I did spend Sunday morning karting @ PGP with my son and took the scenic way home along Green Valley / Black Diamond -Ravensdale / Hwy18. Did a Carnation Farms / Tolt Hill loop on Saturday as well. Look forward to meeting up with other local 7 owners for a blat soon. My kit should be arriving in the next few weeks!
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