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  1. Interesting. The only photo I received was taken in a dimly lit portion of the factory by my dealer when he was there. Other requests were ignored. They must have known I was a Westfield owner I had wondered about a Rich Kamp connection but didn't find anything on his website. It's a nice spec and the asking price is just about what it costs at current currency conversion rates less the international shipping.
  2. Good catch. Not only not CA plates, but not US plates. This one shows a building with Caterham signage and RHD cars in the parking lot. Given it's a '21 model year and not yet completed, I'm curious to hear the back story. I suppose it could be a scam, but they would certainly be chasing a very limited market.
  3. That's a nice spec. Provided someone likes the color, it's an interesting option for someone considering ordering a kit. Given it's in Sonoma, I wonder if Kampena Motorsports is involved in some way?
  4. @ashyers brought this place to my attention a few years ago. Huge array of O-rings: https://www.theoringstore.com/store/ -John
  5. Last night I finally got around to updating my website with the Caterham story. While uploading photos to the modifications page, I realized I didn't have one that showed the 3D printed battery hold down, fuse box lid, and coolant junction cover together. Given they share the same ribbed design with the hope of making them look more cohesive and intentional rather than haphazard choices, that was a miss and was addressed this morning. Adding that photo here as well to show the end result. -John
  6. I drilled out a lowered floor rivet, then riveted one of the spare cable tie wrap mounts in its place. Lousy photo, but it should give you an idea. -John
  7. I had the same question so asked Raceline this morning. Peter said it's 22mm x 2mm.
  8. These are spoken for. I'll update the listing to sold once the deal is done.
  9. Two unused sets of Caterham four-point harnesses as supplied new with my 420R kit. Included hardware is missing a few standard washers, 3 of 4 shoulder bolts, and 1 lap belt bolt. All other fasteners, including the more difficult to acquire locally swivel inserts, wavy washers, and fiber washers are included. These belts are not supplied from the factory with date codes. Current factory price excluding VAT is 469 GBP for the pair, or $574 at today's exchange rate. Asking $450. https://caterhamparts.co.uk/seatbelts-harnesses/7525-seatbelt-4-point-quick-release.html -John
  10. Brand new Bilstein dampers and springs take offs from my 420R kit. As per Caterham, these fit both the SV and S3 chassis provided the latter has the wide track. Spring rates are 170 lb fixed-rate front, and 140 lb progressive on the rear. Links to the parts on Caterham's parts side are below: Front: https://caterhamparts.co.uk/dampers/4614-damper-and-spring-front-420-road-specification.html Rear: https://caterhamparts.co.uk/dampers/2881-damper-and-spring-rear-420-road-specification.html Current price excluding VAT and international shipping costs is 607 GBP for the set, or $743 at today's exchange rate. Asking $500 plus shipping. -John
  11. Almost new ITG JC50S/125 sausage filter for sale. After waiting 3 months for my special order version with no logo to arrive, I purchased this standard logo version to tide me over and allow me to proceed with my build. The no-logo filter arrived a few weeks later and this filter was returned to the box after covering less than 50 miles. There is some discoloration on the underside left where it made contact with the bonnet, but as per the close-up photo, the foam is undamaged. These are available new from Pegasus for $175 here. If this is for a new installation, you will also need to purchase the baseplate linked from that page. $100 plus shipping. -John
  12. It's been over 4 years since installing one in the Elan, so my memory is foggy, but 123 was responsive to email when I had an issue with one of my iOS devices connecting to the software. You do need to trigger the LED as this confirms the distributor is at the expected location for the map advance to be correct. Two installation steps to check when doing this: The black ground wire that goes to the coil should not be connected when rotating the distributor to trigger the LED. That attaches afterwards. Make sure you are rotating the distributor in the right direction. You need to approach it from the opposite direction that the rotor spins. I seem to recall I had this backwards on my initial attempt and had trouble triggering the LED. -John
  13. Ross's stories are always a great read. He has an account on the forum but hasn't visited here in a bit. Calling @I B Sevener to greet some fans and encourage more road trips -John
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