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  1. @mdork that's great news! Make sure you do a build thread. It's a great way to get input from those who have been there/done that. -John
  2. First photo shows one of the (many) blind crests I mentioned in my earlier post. Very pretty, very fun road. -John
  3. Did my first proper blat of the year this morning with @Pokey. It's unseasonably warm in the Seattle area this weekend, hitting 80F yesterday with today's expected high just a little cooler. We opted for an early start to avoid the crowds, leaving my house around 7:45 when temps were still in the mid 40s, and returned a couple of hours later to temps 20F higher. Perfect weather and shockingly, almost no traffic. Not even bicycles. If you live on Seattle's Eastside, I highly recommend Ben Howard Rd, which runs along the South side of State Route 2 between Monroe and Gold Bar.
  4. Closing this thread since someone started a thread on this topic earlier today:
  5. Beautiful Europa and Elan. Snipping out relevant parts of the above; To reduce production costs compared to the S3, the S4 used a simplified chassis with sections of folded steel and welded steel side panels to regain some rigidity. As I recall, the fiberglass body is also stressed to help in that area. That type of chassis construction is not as elegant as a real Caterham, real Birkin, real Westfield, real Brunton, etc, but it reportedly still works well. The folded steel sections are similar to the Elan construction, so as with that car, it's important to check the
  6. Interesting air filter setup on that car. I suppose under-bonnet space is at a premium, but river fording is definitely out. -John
  7. Caterham SV with a turbo Zetec has landed on BaT: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2004-caterham-7-2/
  8. Crossflows may not win the HP wars, but they make more than enough to be fun, and to my ears, no other 4-cylinder option sounds better. There are a number of folks here who own or have owned DCOE-fed crossflows, so if you run into challenges sorting out any issues, don't hesitate to start a thread in the General Tech section for input. -John
  9. Congrats, it's a nice looking car! What is the engine spec? -John
  10. @kayentaskier you aren't losing your mind. It was there earlier. Might have been a proactive deletion by the thread starter to avoid the spanking Croc mentioned. -John
  11. Wow, that should be fun! What is the suggested redline with that crank? Also, what drove the reconfiguration of the cam drive? I know the stock hydraulic chain tensioner raises concerns in some circles, but I've never heard of anyone moving to belts before. Thanks, John
  12. I'm sure most of you are familiar with Griot's Garage. If not, they produce their own line of liquid car care products here in the US. To support USA7s, they are providing our Paid Club Members with a 15% discount on their liquid car-care product purchases over the next year (expires March 31, 2022.) More details are available here on the Club Matters forum (note: that forum is only visible to Paid Club Members.) -John
  13. Closing this since it's a duplicate thread. Initial thread with replies already in place is here: -John
  14. I've seen funky behavior before that only occurred with the headlights on. It turned out to be a loose ground on one of the tail lights. Given the PO changed the tail lights, I'd start there and make sure the grounds are very secure. -John
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