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  1. @BirkinBernie, I think he's referring to this site. The club sticker panamericano inserted above reads USA7s.org, while the current site default URL is USA7s.net and that's how it's referenced on other sites. This is only speculation on my part, but I believe the site was originally USA7s.net, rather than the more common USA7s.com, in part because of Se7ens.net. When the club portion was founded and 501c3 papers filed, the branding decision was made to call it USA7s.org to reinforce the nonprofit status. Somewhere down the line, it went back to USA7s.net. Al may know the actual details of the .org branding. But again, .org, .net, and .com will all get you here.
  2. No idea on the timing, but .org and .com both redirect to the forum.
  3. The article is now available online: https://www.classicandsportscar.com/features/caterham-seven-50-years-lightweight-thrills
  4. A few additional background details and timeline: September 2005 - The USA2005 tour began. Forty se7ens from the UK made the journey by boat, one Caterham took a plane from Dubai, and another 10-15 US-based cars joined for varying portions of the 3-week long, 4,000 mile journey through the Western US. That experience led to a number of discussions among US participants for better organization on this side of the pond. At the time, those needs were met by the USA subgroup of the se7ens.net list server (already an outdated format), and to a lesser degree, by the California Caterham Club (CCC) which was a proper forum. June 2005 - Mazda ( @slngsht )started this forum as a brand-agnostic community using pretty rudimentary software. Initially, there were only a few members, so conversation was sparse. October 2005 - topic of a national forum was raised on CCC here Early 2006 - traffic began picking up on USA7s Summer 2006 - conversations about forming a club and updating the forum software began in earnest. A group of nine people contributed money to cover club formation and forum upgrade costs, with two of those people (AL and Mazda) doing the overwhelming majority of the work. Becoming a registered non-profit, dealing with insurance, and migrating a forum was a significant undertaking. The thread here is a good read on this aspect. Fall 2006 - plans were underway to merge CCC and USA7s forums to create a single US destination. Unfortunately, those discussions were halted in November when work issues required the undivided attention of CCC's owner. Although the formal club aspect may have stalled over time, it's a testament to Mazda and Al's vision that this is still a vibrant community nearly 19 years later. -John
  5. I've been absent from the forum for over two weeks, in large measure due to this thread. Despite being only a volunteer, I maintain a sense of pride in the forum and what it represents. Frankly, I found much of the initial content in this thread embarrassing. It fails to reflect the supportive community we have collectively worked so hard to build, and it made me question why I invest my time to perform this role. Right or wrong, I chose to temporarily step away instead of further expressing my opinions and contributing to the continuation of this thread. Subsequently, certain individuals introduced a more reasoned approach to the conversation (thank you), while others initiated a radical thread drift, not-so-subtly implying that enough is enough. Nevertheless, none of these efforts seem to be effective, and this thread refuses to die a natural death. So here is what happens next. This thread is now closed. Anyone attempting to restart it elsewhere or complain about its closure will receive a two-week timeout. Repeat offenders will be banned. Bringing up claims that this action hinders your free speech will result in a two-week timeout to allow you time to research the factual inaccuracies of your assertion. If you disagree with the above measures, you are free to leave. I will not continue to volunteer my time to run this forum as a platform for such behavior. Remember, if I depart, Mazda will need to find a replacement volunteer to keep the forum backend afloat. Your departure only removes your perspective from future conversations. Sending me a PM to bitch and moan about any of the above will not receive a response, nor will I waste my time reading your entire treatise. I will break out the technical content to a new thread when I have time. I don't wish to expose someone doing a search for that type of information to this embarrassment. It's not fair to them and doesn't accurately reflect USA7s. Please bear in mind that while this thread is located in the "Politics, Religion, and Controversy" subforum, the concerns many of us have do not solely revolve around the topic itself but rather how specific opinions were expressed. Additionally, even if someone chooses to ignore this thread, it will still be visible in the standard activity feeds, making it difficult to completely disregard. I'm disheartened it has come to this – I hate to be heavy handed – but am hopeful we can reset and get back to what this forum is about. -John
  6. I acknowledge you are a master debater, but isn't a debate time bound and isn't repeating the same argument numerous times considered argumentum ad nauseam, and something to avoid? I think we are all aware of your position and the positions of others who have responded in both threads. Perhaps it's time to ring the bell on this and move on. -John
  7. It's just one data point, but I've been running H&R bolt in spacers on the rear of my Westfield since 2006. When researching them at the time, there were no issues using them in various racing series provided the studs were suitably long for the wheels. I took that as a sign they were fine for my application. -John
  8. One thing that is often overlooked by people running bolt-on adapters is to periodically confirm the bolts holding the adapter to the hub are still properly torqued. Out of sight, out of mind. Obviously not the issue here, but as long as the wheels are off...
  9. The remnants of what looks like Teflon tape makes me wonder if this is a torque issue? Either the studs were over stretched given the reduced friction from the tape, or the lug nuts were under torqued and eventually backed off. Do you recall the last time you checked the lug nuts? -John
  10. Let me start by saying I'm more than a little annoyed that I lost $250 in Vegas because I bet this thread would have died a natural death a 1/2 page ago. I am, however, confident I will win my bet that @Bruce K and @Vovchandr will never agree on this topic. Given it's now down to just the two of you, perhaps it's time to consider taking this to PM? Unless, of course, someone here has money on this back and forth consuming another page. I'd hate my suggestion to cost anyone their chance to win big. Oh, and my attorney wanted me to mention that in no way should my post be misconstrued as an attempt to limit free speech. Hopefully that covers me.... -John
  11. The error message shown when clicking on the broken image icon in Pethier's quote of your post, indicates that image was taken from a location that includes some parameters to prevent unauthorized use. Feel free to start a thread in the help section if you need assistance tracking down the issue on your end. BTW I am able to see the photo in both of your posts, just not the quote in Pethier's. -John
  12. The last two events were published to YouTube, so I suspect they will do the same with the upcoming event. -John
  13. I merged Bruce's post above into this thread for two reasons: @Vovchandr started it before Bruce posted Bruce placed his post in an old thread about starting a Politics, Religion, and Controversey forum, not as a new thread in that forum.
  14. I'm in no mood for this so I will be blunt. This conversation in this thread stops here. Period. You want to further the commentary, then start a dedicated thread in the appropriate forum where people who don't wish to discuss or read about a polarizing political figure, or distortions about free speech, can ignore them. https://usa7s.net/ips/forum/37-politics-religion-and-controversy/ And to be crystal clear, any further comments here about my post or the ones above will be deleted. I am not making the effort to move them. So have a comment? Follow the directions above.
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