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  1. I changed a setting. You should now have permissions to edit your original post. -John
  2. Croc might be able to supply a copy of the police report. Pretty sure they took photos. -John
  3. Apparently he was not amused that I put a license plate frame on CatKong that read "I'd rather be driving a Westfield." He indicated the dogs could still fly on the corporate jet, but I had to go commercial. -John
  4. Paul, I bet he planned that trip a little further ahead than Track Day Eve -John
  5. I'm getting excited for this event even though I'm following it from the other side of the country. Make sure to take plenty of photos for the club's Instagram account! -John
  6. Hopefully others will chime in with US or Canadian suppliers, but if you are looking at UK options, silencers from Westfield (the carbon fiber unit), Wunoff, and Simpson all get great reviews on WSCC. The Raceco is also excellent, but it's a bit spendy (Titanium ain't cheap). -John
  7. Glad to hear you're pleased. For the half hood, I would go with Soft Bits for Sevens, but confirm measurements of your specific car with them. There can be some minor variations in the top of windscreen to roll bar distance on cars from this era. BTW it looks like you have the RAC roll bar vs. the stock item. They will need to know that to ensure you get the right top. -John
  8. Hi Jim, I have the email address of the person at Oxted who normally handles these types of requests if you aren't having much luck with their online form or their info@ email box. Happy to shoot that to you via PM if you think it will help. -John
  9. We weren't sure if you were running a distributor or wasted spark. If the former, then the question was ignition advance, if the latter, a failing coil pack could be part of the problem. I've had two of the Ford units fail over the years.
  10. It would be good to know if something happened at the 20 second mark of the video. Did the sound suddenly change or is that just a recording artifact? When you write that #4 is colder than the rest, how much colder? Dead cylinder colder or misfiring cylinder colder? Given the history here, you might be looking at a few minor things being off rather than just one. i.e. I don't think Occam's Razor applies to your engine. The Persian house cats are now fed and they are rooting for you. -John
  11. Peter, I believe @OrangeMax and @DemoDan both brought used se7ens into WA from out of state earlier this year. Hopefully one of them can chime in with their experience. -John
  12. Lot of great stuff here. For my upcoming Caterham build, I too am using the wireless buttons from Blinkstop, and an MXS 1.2 fed via CAN from my ECU. One of the differences I've noticed between my Westfield and the Caterhams I've driven is that the steeper dashboard angle on the Caterham seems to generate a lot more glare from the gauges when the sun is behind the car. I plan to mount the MSX at an angle so the face is aiming at me rather than the sky. How has the Motogadget worked out? I'm also toying with including that in my build. -John
  13. Based on your first post, this should be a very interesting thread to follow! The mention of Millington is intriguing. -John
  14. A simple test is to swap coils and see if the dead cylinder stays put or follows the coil. You can do the same with the injectors if you then want to rule out that problem. -John
  15. Given this wasn't a mechanical overrev, I'm surprised a valvetrain issue would surface unless something was already weakened and simply looking for an excuse to go bang. Is it a high mileage engine? You have stock cams and valve springs, correct? Although dead cylinder doesn't look good, check the cheap, simple things first. Make sure you are getting spark as John suggests, and also check that the injector is delivering fuel. Given you were cleaning things, is it possible you jostled the coil or injector connector for that cylinder? Remove those and make sure the pins all loo
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