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  1. Hi Folks, to ensure people see the edit I just made to the first post in this thread, I'm including it here as well: Hi folks, I am locking this thread and replacing it with a new one. The car was initially listed for sale 3 years ago, but unfortunately the thread quickly got off topic. Subsequently the car was pulled from the market due to a combination of a fuel line issue and impact from COVID. Given srf86 is once again selling the car and has addressed the fuel line issue he identified below, it seems a fairer approach to both him and potential buyers to create a new thread without the irrelevant-to-the-sale baggage that consumes most of the first page. That new thread will be up soon and this one will remain viewable in case anyone is interested in learning more about the term "OBO" or lawyers. I will update this message with the link when I have it. Thanks, JohnCh
  2. Oops. Apparently, math is not my strong suit. But in my defense, 0.015 seconds makes a better story -John
  3. Great video and race! You and Tamer were separated by just 0.015 seconds in qualifying and 0.082 seconds at the finish. Talk about being closely matched! -John
  4. @DanM have you searched miata.net? If not, there is a lot of information on HLAs in the NA forum, from proper rebuilding/reassembling steps, troubleshooting after rebuilding, and aftermarket brands that people have used successfully. -John
  5. Hopefully you can find a good shop closer to home, but if you need to ship it, Quicksilver in MD has a very good reputation. -John
  6. Congratulations! Have you taken possession yet? -John
  7. Check out the Caterham Build & User Guide folder in the Downloads section. Wiring diagrams are included in some of those PDFs. -John
  8. It stays with the U-joint and acts like the plug for the transmission. When this comes out, so does the oil. -John
  9. Before you drill the hole for the O2 sensor, make sure you research proper mounting first. There are some rules of thumb regarding minimum distance behind the collector for accuracy and mounting angle for sensor longevity. As I recall the latter is at least 10% over horizontal, but not more than 75%, and is something that a lot of people (including my exhaust fabricator) get wrong. -John
  10. Congrats to @BlueBDA on his successfu BaT auction! Hopefully the new owner will join the forum. This HPC Caterham landed on BaT this morning and already has some serious bidders: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1993-caterham-super-7-3/ -John
  11. Given the supply chain issues at the moment and AP's long lead times (Westfield's parts dept. just announced they are dropping the Westfield verion of this MC from their catalog because of this), if Bruce has that part in stock, I'd snap it up. It's about $40 more than Caterham charges at current conversion rates, but there is no need to pay international shipping charges or wait an indeterminant amount of time for it to leave England or vacation in customs. -John
  12. Although it doesn't indicate this is the upgraded MC, I believe this is it. The giveaway is the really thick mounting flange AP use for this model. https://caterhamparts.co.uk/master-cylinder/29-brake-master-cylinder-13-16-all-de-dion-cars.html -John
  13. Here is another S2000-powered car on throttle bodies with amazing sound, but this time it's on a closed course so nothing other than pylons are at risk. Nice to see @Davemk1 setting another FTD at an event last month. Hopefully he starts posting about his autocross exploits this season (hint, hint). Rumor has it that he's been successfully defending the Se7en's honor against a local Ariel Atom. -John
  14. I received the same email. Given my car went to QA a couple of months ago and has been sitting ever since due to a missing cooling hose and grill for the 620 nose cone, I can empathize with your pain. I suspect the shipping delays will make this an even longer process and may turn this into a winter project. Oh well... -John
  15. Walk around video here. It certainly is...unique. -John
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