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  1. Hi everyone, I used to work for Caterham in the UK, during my time there one of my projects was to oversee the ordering, build and delivery of the CSR to Simon Cowell in LA. I helped specify the car and had the great experience of flying over and delivering it personally! In the picture attached I’m the guy stood on the tow truck! since then I have moved into another career but always vowed that one day I would try and find and hopefully buy that car for myself, just because it’s a cool story to tell the grandkids! Does anyone know where it is or who owns it? Are they on here?
  2. Hi everyone, I’m new! I used to work for Caterham in the UK, left about 5 years ago now. I was one of the team that delivered the CSR to a certain British talent show contestant in Beverley Hills. i am actually trying to track down that car, having now saved some cash to hopefully buy it, for me it was a project I ran from start to finish. I personally specified the car, a 2.3 cosworth CSR in metallic grey with the modular dash (best format) and I delivered the car to the owners house having organised the engineers to come over and build it. I would love to own it just as a story t
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