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  1. Huge props to John for seeing this thing through. Seriously a ton of work. Thank you John.
  2. Car is sold. Locking thread per user request.
  3. It was nice meeting you today Carle. Wish it was under better circumstances.
  4. Huge loss . Scott was a good friend and a great individual. Always always kept in touch with me and my family. Incredibly sad day.
  5. Hello All I just learned Dennis Brunton passed away. I'm sure most of you know, or know of Dennis. He founded Stalker. Prayers to Dennis and his family.
  6. What are you seeing exactly?
  7. They're investigating. It's basically a bitcoin mining script... your machine is earning someone a few pennies. sigh...
  8. Just got the notice. opening ticket. thanks
  9. slngsht

    Eddie Hill

    Eddie, I tried very hard to come visit you the week before last, but alas weather did not cooperate. I took off from Houston hoping Wichita Falls visibility would improve, but the clouds didn't budge and I headed back to Houston. Perhaps one of these days I'll make it to your shop.
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