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  1. Thanks for the additional pics! I was looking at the back of the 7 yesterday thinking that any such rack should also hook over the into the trunk or get some top support from somewhere. The roll bar and/or its attachment points were the logical answer, proved by your use of them. Love the thought behind yours, and when not needed, completely removable.
  2. I put an order in to Burtons yesterday for their Ajusa FB731 along with other bits while waiting for Pegasus to get back to me. The Ajusa is stated as having an 84mm bore and is roughly half the cost of the Pegasus part. Granted, I do like knowing that I can run up the road and get the Motorcraft piece if needed. Burtons DHL express says all parts will be here by friday. Not bad for overseas!
  3. Compression check: #1 - 205 psi #2 - 205 psi #3 - 180 psi #4 - 205 psi Wonder what's up with #3. Checked valve clearances and they are ok. Sprayed wd40 in the plug hole and tried again. 195 psi. Hmmm... rings? at 16K? On one Cylinder? Quick email to Pegasus. Their 164-03 Motorcraft gasket has an ID of 83.74mm. They have updated their website to note this for those of us with 1700's! Also to note: their Fel-Pro Perma-Torque 164-03PT has a bore of 83.34mm.
  4. Next came Brooklands. Poor pic, but I think they look great!
  5. I haven't started to look into local race or trackday orgs for the 7 as yet, but do the trackdays typically require car specific helmets? I love my Shoei's for the 2 wheelers on the track or street. Our requirement is Snell that is 5 years old max (well, with a grace year... so 6 max). They have proved their worth more than once! Typical car requiremnts?
  6. Sorry...last pic dominated by the lightened car jack! I love it! What a great idea. Now I am wondering if i should make a rack to hold my Givi saddlebags from the K13??! Even cooler would be the large aluminum cases!
  7. A little wordy so grab a coffee, or a cocktail depending on what time it is where you are. 1996 1700 supersprint Distributor- lucas/aldon with pertronix ignitor. My inspection shows the shaft and bushings to be very good. I have little to no lateral movement in the shaft. Could possibly use another shim to reduce the vertical movement of the shaft but I don't think it is detrimental. I did notice that the weights droop on the pins. They don't seem to interfere with anything but it makes me believe that the weights and/or pins are worn. I didn't remove them since i don't yet have a
  8. I like it already! Aluminum tubing or steel?
  9. Thanks for the info Alaskossie. I was definitely going to go the route of the pipe cutter... nice and clean. I understand the method of attachment but would still love to see your luggage rack. If the stub shafts are there then they can be used for all sorts of cool stuff. Was even thinking about an extremely light weight trailer hitch since i have an almost finished (homemade aluminum) version of a Unigo single wheel trailer that will attach to my K13.
  10. Pulled the starter last night with the intent of just cleaning the power terminal. Found that the solenoid terminal had a fractured solder joint so that was remedied. Then I started to clean the oily goop from in an around the starter gear and crap just kept coming out. Sooooo.... the front housing had to come off. Good lord was there junk in there! Cleaned it up, lubed the gear splines, shaft, bushing and reassembled. A seven on ramps is still really low, but from underneath I can see the clean lightened alt bracket!! Might crank just a little better now with clean terminals. Mov
  11. I used my old uni-syn last night. Found a slight front/back carb variation, and then a very slight #3 cylinder variation that i fixed with the small bleed screw. All of them seem really nice but the uni-syn does bounce a little. Does your airflow meter Bounce or is it damped? Distributor is next. I used one of the programmable timing lights and tried to map my ignition curve from 600 to 4000. Surprisingly easy and, hopefully, accurate. As well as not enough advance (10 to 12 degrees) I think I am getting some scatter at rpms higher than 4k. It is an lucas/aldon dist with pertron
  12. Yes, similar...but even cuter if possible. I will use the remaining tubes on the body to make a license plate mount so it wouldn't just leave them unfinished. make the insert and attach to car or carrier. Other side maybe slit the tube lengthwise (maybe .5" to .75") and weld/braze two nuts (one with the threads removed) to create a pinch instead of the crossbolt? I would make a step in the insert the same diameter as the tubing and weld around that so it would fit up even tighter when installed since no weld or braze would be in the way What about the attachment bolt lengthwis
  13. Exactly this. I have experienced one flat while on the road with bikes for the past 29 years. My k13 that I bought new in 2017 has 21k without any tire issues. Heh, my new to me seven only has 15,xxx miles since 1996! bball7754 - yup, agreed! I will try the carrier-ectomy in the near future and will post pics when i do.
  14. first drive with the 65 pilots changed out for the 50f8. Idle and run quality is drastically improved! Off idle throttle response is significantly better than with the 65's. Did get increased popping on decel. Small hesitation around 3k. Switched to 50f9 but ran out of time for further testing.
  15. It rained for a day up here and cleaned the roads off good enough for a test drive with the new wheel, diff, and alternator bearings. The difference in noise is really astonishing! Previously sounded like I had straight cut trans gears like one of my racebike primaries, so much so that I used earplugs on the trip to bring the car to WI. Now... Little to no perceptible unwanted drivetrain noise. Just intake, exhaust, and what I believe is one loose valve. Now I really cant wait for my complete bushing kit from Bruce!
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