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  1. BTW, belt for pants without buckles are purchased at Amazon.jp at lowest prices. I have no financial conflict with the sited company. I simply and brutally honestly transfer my experience.
  2. I install the leather straps for bonnet. 1. Merchandise arrived from Stafford Vehicle Components, UK. https://www.s-v-c.co.uk/product/leather-straps--tan/ http://drhasegawa.com/prisoner6birkin/birkin-geo.htm#210613 2. Leather straps installed next week. http://drhasegawa.com/prisoner6birkin/birkin-geo.htm#210620 Actually, I had till recently a nightmare that bonnet is flying off over my head, caused by forgotten fastening of metal catches ,,, because of senile dementia. In the worst scenario, it may result in damage to th
  3. I declare no COI (conflict of interest) for this input. I received the item from UK. I ordered the item on net directly to the vender on May 10 2021 on the net directly to his/her site, and received the item in TKO today May 14 via DHL. Cost was Total Goods £76.68 + Post & Packing £23.00. At first, I am afraid that there is no guarantee for tracking record as ebay, however it was groundless fear, since shortly after ordering, I received the information for tracking from DHL, indicating, Ordered on May 10, departed from DHL facility on 19:25 at Bristol UK
  4. 210425 New Wind deflectors for Birkin 7 (1993 model) - DIY installation. The seller on ebay is Premier wiring Looms, 14 Dundonald Crescent Cardenden Fife KY5 0DH United Kingdom. I ordered the item on April 5, and received in TKO on Apr 18 (Royal Mail -> Jpn Post), item as described or more, especially I thank for "test plate" for pre-implementation training, and undrilled main body separately shipped with hinges and mounting hardware. It cost (JPY 13,462 plus air mail = JPY 15,855 in total). I drill the hole for mounting, using electric drill and three drill bits (very slim one
  5. To Panamericano, Some NG professional shooters and reporters would agree absolutely with you. I am afraid that National Geographic has been transformed to second-class Scientific American in recent years. The issue is becoming full of political social-justice agenda, full of women, women,,,,, and no story of headhunting indigenous people. No photo-journalism. I may retire from trans-pacific regular subscription of NG from USA, since Jan 1, 1995.
  6. To view the images, click the underlined phrases, and to return to this page, click RETURN key of your browser,
  7. For more details, especially for the participant with broad-band access and large monitor, feel free to visit my page at http://drhasegawa.com/prisoner6birkin/birkin-geo.htm#210320a First generation SLR camera D-3000 is still alive with seasoned Nikkor 35 mm manual lens (manual focus/manual exposure).
  8. Rear boot lid cover replaced with new one which is purchased from U.K. London (j-f-customs), via ebay. Ordered Feb 25, Reached Japan Post Koishikawa Office March 7, after failure of absence notice, received March 18 at Home at Kohinata. Delivery from UK is fast, and the vendor was decent and honest. The first photo is the old and fatigued one, with broken slide fastener and ruptured suture. The next photo is after the installment. Snap fasteners (buttons) are installed myself, after punching a hole. The last photo is snap fastener parts with a specialized tool (available at Amazon at low cost)
  9. A new year's greeting card in Japanese style. Stay positive and test negative ! http://drhasegawa.com/prisoner6birkin/birkin-geo.htm Akio Hasegawa, M.D., PhD Pathologist Koiwa, Tokyo, Japan New Home Page at Sakura server: http://www.drhasegawa.sakura.ne.jp/index.html
  10. Actually, my speed meter (analog) with distance recorder and trip meter (VDO, made in Germany) is all dead (a single gauge) at 100,000 (one cycle completed) + 13,567 kilemeter on November 1 2020. No alteration is made to my Birkin 1993 (importer: Marukatsu, Yokohama, Japan).
  11. I am new and one of refugees from Birkinowners at Yahoo groups. Please feel free to my page at http://drhasegawa.com/prisoner6birkin/birkin-geo.htm (To view the images, click the underlined phrases, and to return to this page, click RETURN key of your browser) The autumn colors around Mount Fuji in this season: Nov 1 2020 tour: http://drhasegawa.com/prisoner6birkin/birkin-geo.htm#201101 Nov 8 2020 tour: http://drhasegawa.com/prisoner6birkin/birkin-geo.htm#201108 Nov 15 2020 tour: http://drhasegawa.com/prisoner6birkin/birkin-geo.htm#201115 Cheers!
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