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  1. posted on ebay after 9 months of unsuccessful sale. Our beloved Birkin s3. In perfect shape everything is ready and 100%. Reserve is set at 17k, we are taking a 10k loss on the car unless bid goes higher. Robert Kansa 330-714-3740
  2. And...she's still for sale. just waiting for her new owner to have years of fun.
  3. I saw Craigs car, very nice, and Craig does great work. but with all respect the Birkin i have for sale is in much cleaner condition. We are asking $19K for the car.
  4. Birkin Chassis lotus 7. Asking only $19,000!! second owner from 1k miles, 1999 chassis like new.. only 15k miles. Car is in show condition, with multiple car show trophies.and has only been in 1 speed event, an autocross that it got FTD. 1600 x-flow engine t9 tranny. Oil cooler with SS braided lines. Electramotive crank trigger, twin 40 dcoe webers with sock style air filters. Custom made overflow tanks. Front lip spoiler easily removed, custom made whisker spoilers as well. Lightened flywheel and new HD clutch assy. Exhaust converted to side exit using SS. headers wrapped and front bulkhead h
  5. Robert, i am putting on the market after the first of Jan, I will be asking 19k for it... and will be patient but negotiable.. However,,,if the correct Elise comes along, i will make a judgement at that time.
  6. Sorry have been gone for a while.. wow this thread really took off! LOL! The idea of a miata in addition to the 7 would be a great choice!..if i had the money for both i would likely do it. However the missing link is our 24 racing sailboat, which has it's own maintenance bucket. Basically, and humbly, (peeking out from my hobbit hole) i cant afford more than 1 sportscar. So given the reality of that choice, and with our love of british machinery, we found what we believe is the best answer for us. KitKat, Yes,,i WAY ovepaid for this Birkin...while it is an awesome lovely car, in
  7. We did try and get in and out of one with the roof on, and it's not any more difficult than the 7. We dont worry about being graceful. LSD check. we would invest in that eventually if it didnt come with it. whats up with the suspension pickup points? will need to do more research here. We are not looking for the cushy Comfort of a Evora, we dont expect that either. if it's as comfortable-ride quality as our 7 we will love it...except as stated drivable in colder wetter weather. We dont ever expect to drive it in snow or anything, just extend our season. if we can find one for 20
  8. We just made a big mistake.. we had the privilage of driving a dealership Evora for a extended weekend. Now,,,theres no way we could ever afford one, But the experience showed us something we have not experienced in a long time, driving a sportscar in 35 degrees rainy november and not getting hypothermia. So we are now looking into buying a Lotus Elise.. Which means our beloved Birkin 7 will likely be going up for sale. We absolutly adore the car, but reality is we only are able to drive it for 5 months out of the year in Ohio and 4 of those we are sailing our sailboat most weekends.
  9. First report on the 615k"s: sticky sticky sticky...the hold the road completely different than the old falkens! Matter of fact...you end up with a WHOLE bunch of the road now in your lap after a drive! I did not get a chance to push them hard yet, but they do seem to work rather well.. AND.. They seem to work really well in standing water! We caught caught in a downpour over the weekend and i found myself going through allot of water at about 60 mph with no problems. However...i DO have new tread...it might change as the tire wears.
  10. Mondo: Did you write you got the falken 615k's?
  11. CMAX, bring the porsche north to Put-In-Bay after Mid ohio! You can check out i just got some ROTA minilite style wheels. They fit perfectly with my new falken 615k's. Although they are likely heavier than panasports, the prices couldnt be beat and they look very vintage-"7" appropriate!
  12. What, that little wiggle? Looked reasonable to me. ((When i was driving the old "big" healey 100-6...it was TERRIBLE. With it's 70/30 weight distribution and welded rear end, It would terribly understeer, right up until it would drastically oversteer. I had thought about putting boat bumpers on it like tugboats do. It felt more like an empty pickup truck on ice with bald tires. it would not only spin it would look like a battling top.)) You did fine!
  13. An update, we are now registered for the event and the 7 will be participating as sponsored by one of the Local Pub's at Put-In-Bay "the Boathouse". The schedule of events is now established and includes dinners, a ralley and an autoxross, as well as laps around the old road course, and laps at speed on what is the proposed new race course being set up on the airport tarmac.
  14. Just got the tires last night...will mount them next week. First impression: Damn, the grooves of the tread are Huge! the groove gap is allot wider than i would expect. This must be a sticky compound, because not much of it actually will touch the road!
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