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  1. Sadly I only got their email addresses :-(
  2. Yep, emailed them directly. No responses!
  3. Oh boy, good luck. I’ve emailed the CARB every week, still nothing. Not even a rejection. Luckily I have a temporary permit until end of October.
  4. Well, in the meantime I got another temporary permit! This time until end of October My previous temporary permits were just a sticker I put on the roll cage and a piece of red paper to say the month. This time, they affixed the sticker directly to the paper so now I have no external sign that it's legally permitted. I asked and the DMV said this was normal. Anyone know which way it should be?
  5. I'm dreaming ahead here I know, about the glorious time where I will be able to take my 310S to a BAR station for inspection. So, related to the previous questions about PCV, does anyone know if the Ford Sigma engine in the 310S by default meets the requirements of a closed loop PCV? Looks like it vents out to a tank. I realize I am much less knowledgeable about all of this given I didn't build the car, but I'm hoping the default setup works for the BAR. -Tom
  6. For folks talking directly to the ARB, how long do they usually take to get back in touch? I emailed them on Thursday and I’m still waiting for them to get back in touch with me.
  7. It would be really helpful for each of these if you could point to the relevant ARB / BAR / EPA / DMV documentation
  8. Yeah, that’s what my interpretation of that EPA Kit Car Policy is. But for all of these, you have to point to the specific line item in the CA DMV/ARB/BAR regulations… waiting to hear back from the ARB now on my case, as they said it needs the EPA sticker.
  9. Section 4 - that a vehicle imported as a collection of parts does not require an EPA Emissions label. That’s my understanding at least…!
  10. Alan, verbally the ARB told me that it’s the next step. Otherwise my car is recognized as a specially constructed vehicle, but they wanted the car itself to have the EPA sticker, which it does not. That EPA page states the special situations where the Clean Air Act does not apply to these vehicles, hopefully allowing the car through.
  11. So, I think they're following the letter of the law of this: https://nepis.epa.gov/Exe/ZyPDF.cgi?Dockey=P100AKFO.pdf Which yeah, doesn't sound great for the engine if you don't have an emissions label. However, specific to kit cars: https://www.epa.gov/importing-vehicles-and-engines/kit-car-policy Point 4 there should see me through, as I read this. The sub-bullet there is absolutely appropriate for the EPA/local DMV to have concerns on this, if some importers are importing complete vehicles and mis-representing it. But for the majority of our ca
  12. The call went really well, the BAR folks were genuinely really helpful. Each case is unique, so it was great for them to be open and listening to my specific case. The issue is apparently now with the engine - it's a 310S with the Ford Sigma engine, and they want to make sure the engine itself is certified to pass US engine emissions. The SB-100 is to pass the extra California emissions, but the engine itself should have an EPA emissions label on it. I'm still at work, so I'm excited to go back and check (I haven't seen one from what I remember, and from what I know, t
  13. I have a call with them to discuss my case on Wednesday. Fingers, legs, toes and eyes crossed. :-)
  14. If you’re actually getting to talk to BAR and doing an inspection, you’re further along than I am. They’re not replying to any of my emails about my registration still :-(
  15. Making more progress. I now have someone from the Technical Registration team looking into why I was rejected, they should be calling me back shortly. So far, they've been helpful. If you can't get in touch with folks, I'm happy to share a couple of the numbers I got along the way via DM if anyone's interested. Fingers crossed! -Tom
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