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  1. Making more progress. I now have someone from the Technical Registration team looking into why I was rejected, they should be calling me back shortly. So far, they've been helpful. If you can't get in touch with folks, I'm happy to share a couple of the numbers I got along the way via DM if anyone's interested. Fingers crossed! -Tom
  2. Alright, called up the BAR, they told me it was the ARB who rejected my SB-100 exemption as Caterhams have been known to be sold as rolling-chassis-and-engine combinations. And only a single type of engine fits in the car, so they think it's "dodgy" and that Caterham are just trying to get around the customs, EPA and CARB regulations this way. They put me in touch with the ARB... who immediately told me to contact the DMV. So far the DMV aren't being helpful, but I'm still trying. Fingers crossed!
  3. Ah man, that's a pain. I still haven't called, life has got in the way. Will update as soon as I do. They did give me a supervisor to talk to at least. -Tom
  4. I was just talking to the BAR in general via their Ask The Ref phone appointments, they didn't give me a choice of the office. Calling them up tomorrow. Crossing fingers, toes and eyes
  5. Ouch! Yeah, looks like I'm not alone, but surprised that they outright told me that I am rejected. I'm going to call them up on Wednesday, as I have a supervisor's number. I'm basically going to state what you say - yes it's a kit car, here's the instruction manual, luckily for me I know the original builder so he has even more photos of it being put together in his garage. Wish me luck!
  6. Yeah, I'm in the Bay Area. I spoke to Rich, he was helpful. Going to call them up this week after I gather a few more materials to see what they say... Wish me luck! Otherwise I fear I may have to BaT it
  7. Funny enough the local DMV and CHP were great, it was the BAR and document review after I sent it all off that was the problem
  8. Yeah. I do wonder if they've seen some of the 620Rs around that are sold by Hillbank etc fully built, and a quick Google search led them down the wrong path. In fact, I'm not sure how they get the 620Rs registered in CA, based on that.
  9. Ouch, looks like I might not be alone! I'm going to call them up tomorrow and plead my case. It'll be interesting to hear what they have to say.
  10. Yeah, the car was registered in WA, but it didn't need any smog tests as far as I've been told.
  11. Oh, and of course, a picture!
  12. Hi all, I bought my first Caterham (310S) over the holidays from a friend in Seattle, who built it during lockdown last year. I drove it down to California, and started the registration process down here. I've paid sales taxes, done the brake and light inspection, got the VIN registered, and then I started down the path of getting the SB-100 smog exception. All was going well, I submitted all the documents (including photos of my friend building the car!) and after an ominously long wait from the BAR I finally get this reply: Obviously this isn't t
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