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  1. I went to the Skyline College one in San Bruno.
  2. I think there's a chance you'll pass. He was very brief, I told him I had a closed PCV system, he didn't look very closely, and then went off and did the paperwork. And Sean - done! :-)
  3. Finally picked up plates today! Thank you everyone for the help in this thread! The DMV guy laughed as it's been almost a year since I started, and I need to pay next year's registration fees already -Tom
  4. Oh, I missed your diagram! Makes total sense. Thanks! -Tom
  5. https://caterhamparts.co.uk/other/5962-hose-air-intake-seven-275-model.html Looks like this will do the business. My 310S has just a straight pipe from cleaner element to throttle body, so this gives a nice connection to the PCV. Should work great! -Tom
  6. After looking more closely at the setup, it looks like I need to modify it. I have the hose going from the PCV to the catch can, and then a hose from the catch can venting to atmosphere. Looks like I have to route from the catch can to the intake manifold. Should be quick and easy, will book when that's done (work is taking up all my time at the moment!) -Tom
  7. "Make sure you have a closed PCV system. This engine should have a PCV valve connected to manifold vacuum and a PCV breather hose connected to the air intake system. " That's what my BAR appointment email said to me. -Tom
  8. Now on to my next question! I am a mechanical idiot. Does my 310S have an open or closed PCV system? And will I need to modify anything before the inspection? -Tom
  9. Don't worry, I finally got the approval today after the initial rejection. I hope others get through the SB100 process quicker and easier than I did! -Tom
  10. Finally heard back from the ARB - they have finished their review and I am good to go for the BAR inspection. Thank you so much everyone for the advice in this thread, and for those who read this after me and are trying to get their car registered - be persistent! -Tom
  11. Sadly I only got their email addresses :-(
  12. Yep, emailed them directly. No responses!
  13. Oh boy, good luck. I’ve emailed the CARB every week, still nothing. Not even a rejection. Luckily I have a temporary permit until end of October.
  14. Well, in the meantime I got another temporary permit! This time until end of October My previous temporary permits were just a sticker I put on the roll cage and a piece of red paper to say the month. This time, they affixed the sticker directly to the paper so now I have no external sign that it's legally permitted. I asked and the DMV said this was normal. Anyone know which way it should be?
  15. I'm dreaming ahead here I know, about the glorious time where I will be able to take my 310S to a BAR station for inspection. So, related to the previous questions about PCV, does anyone know if the Ford Sigma engine in the 310S by default meets the requirements of a closed loop PCV? Looks like it vents out to a tank. I realize I am much less knowledgeable about all of this given I didn't build the car, but I'm hoping the default setup works for the BAR. -Tom
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