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  1. Thanks DS. I did find here and buy a nice 2013 300R a couple of weeks ago. I like your Elan as well! But I now have a buddy who saw mine, and is interest in getting one too, and I will forward him this link. Cheers, Jim ")
  2. My stock seats are 42 cm External at the shoulders.My floor is 37cm wide. 36cm internal /38cm external at the waist w/rolled edge. There is room on the car to go to 37 internal / 38 cut external at the waist. I can't find anything in the Tillott Catalog that offers a slightly larger 37cm waist internal, but keeps the external at 42 with a cut edge, except maybe the B7XL w/43cm cut edge is close. But the XL base is too wide at 38mm. My floor is 37mm. So nothing is resolved without talking to Tillett. Thanks.
  3. Thank Croc, The Tillotts catalog link you gave me shows different available widths and options, which the seat page on their website did not show. So I probably can go up from my current 37cm wide seat to a 40cm, seat with the rolled edge removed to still fit the fit the cockpit. If only we were all size XSmall and weighed 120lbs My S3? cockpit measures 37-38cm on the floor and 41cm at the side rail. I'll wait a few days for Tillot to reply to my inquiry for their suggestion. Like most British companies, they are really backed up right now because of the pandemic and Brexit. Thei
  4. Thanks Vovchander.A pad liner may be the easier solution. I've written to Tillett Seats to see what they have to offer. All the seat on their website are 40-44mm wide, and my Caterham seats are 37mm wide at the waist to the outside of the rolled edge. There is no room in my Cat to go with these wider seats at the rolled edge. The shoulder belt cut outs on my drivers seat have the plastic edge trim missing, that's why it looks different.
  5. Hi Guys, Just got my new used Caterham with the Caterham Plastic Race Seats and the fit is really tight with pinching on my ribs and butt. It is obvious the seats are molded plastic and were formed with a plastic sheet, heated on a mold. In looking at the clearance between the seat sides and the car interior there is almost 1-in of clearance on each side. So I'm looking to buy a heat gun and open up the sides of the seat back and botton around 0.5in. on each side which should be perferct for me. I'm asking if anyone has tried or heard of doing this? Thank you! Jim Gianatsis
  6. SOLD! I am in the processing of buying Marks Beautiful Caterham. :) Jim G
  7. Looking for a nice later model Caterham 7 R Duratech powered with Limited Slip and Race bucket seats, full windshield. Preferably already California registered, or with vintage pre-smog registration out of state. Price range $30-$40K. Thank You! Jim G.
  8. I have the Standard Sparco Padded Carbon Fiber Race Buckets in my Corvette. The narrowest recessed sections in the seat center / seat back are 14" (like your Caterham Race Seats) without compressing the foam padding on the bolster sides. At the shoulders and knees the seat/side bolsters widden out to 16" wide to allow for movment of legs and arms. It's a perfect fit for me at 5'8" / 225lbs / 38" waist. I've messaged with a gentleman on the Caterham USA Facebook page and he just manages to fit comfortably in his Caterham Carbon Race Seat and he is 6'2" / 280lbs. So as small as the Cater
  9. Thanks Mike! I'm glad to see there isn't just a squirrel cage in there. - Let's Do This and give your Baby a Happy, Appreciative new Home!!! Let me know if i can send you a deposit now. Cheers, Jim
  10. Your photos look great Mark! Your should be a professional photogapher, too. I'm sure the engine compartment looks as good as the rest of the car, but just so we know there's not just a little hamster running around in wheel to power it, a picture of the motor there would be nice as well. Thanks! Talk to you again soon. Jim Gianatsis, Los Angeles
  11. Hello Cranky, I am very interested in buying your car. How do I contact you? Please contact me. Jim Gianatsis, Los Angeles Ph 818 223 8550 gianatsis@roadrunner.com
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