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  1. Looking for a nice later model Caterham 7 R Duratech powered with Limited Slip and Race bucket seats, full windshield. Preferably already California registered, or with vintage pre-smog registration out of state. Price range $30-$40K. Thank You! Jim G.
  2. I have the Standard Sparco Padded Carbon Fiber Race Buckets in my Corvette. The narrowest recessed sections in the seat center / seat back are 14" (like your Caterham Race Seats) without compressing the foam padding on the bolster sides. At the shoulders and knees the seat/side bolsters widden out to 16" wide to allow for movment of legs and arms. It's a perfect fit for me at 5'8" / 225lbs / 38" waist. I've messaged with a gentleman on the Caterham USA Facebook page and he just manages to fit comfortably in his Caterham Carbon Race Seat and he is 6'2" / 280lbs. So as small as the Cater
  3. Thanks Mike! I'm glad to see there isn't just a squirrel cage in there. - Let's Do This and give your Baby a Happy, Appreciative new Home!!! Let me know if i can send you a deposit now. Cheers, Jim
  4. Your photos look great Mark! Your should be a professional photogapher, too. I'm sure the engine compartment looks as good as the rest of the car, but just so we know there's not just a little hamster running around in wheel to power it, a picture of the motor there would be nice as well. Thanks! Talk to you again soon. Jim Gianatsis, Los Angeles
  5. Hello Cranky, I am very interested in buying your car. How do I contact you? Please contact me. Jim Gianatsis, Los Angeles Ph 818 223 8550 gianatsis@roadrunner.com
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