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  1. Yeah, ragged tires aren't fast, but they sure can be entertaining Thanks for the award. It will take it's place proudly and prominently among its more pedestrian brethren.
  2. What a wonderful event that was! I made it by the skin of my teeth. I just got the car home late Saturday evening and didn’t have a chance to test it. I knew I really wasn’t ready, but set out early Sunday morning anyways, figuring I’d test it on the track. I spent the first two sessions with one eye on the oil pressure gauge and the other on the track. Thankfully, it was fine and ran great both days. The weather couldn’t have been better, and It was great seeing old friends again, and making a few new ones as well. Many thanks to @Croc and @yellowss7 for putting this all togeth
  3. I look forward to seeing you all. I'll arrive early Sunday and participate Monday as well.
  4. Good news!!! Evaluation of my oil problem revealed that it just blew the seal out of the oil filter. I think I caught it in time. It only ran at idle for a few seconds without oil pressure. A mechanical gauge showed pressure climbing with rpm, but not stopping. It was making 120 psi at 3,000 and going higher. The pressure relief valve was likely stuck closed. Should be an easy fix and I'll probably still be coming Sunday am.
  5. Unfortunately I'm out for next weekend. I started my Caterham up this morning to put a few more easy miles on the new engine prior to next weekend. Pulling out of the garage I heard a funny rattle and saw zero oil pressure. I shut it down immediately. It left a big stripe of oil leaving my garage. Looks like the three stage oil pump for the dry sump failed somehow. There's oil all over it. I only had about 15 miles on the new engine so far. My crew chief is picking the car up Monday. I'm so very bummed
  6. We'll miss you Seb. We'll have a toast to you at dinner Sunday night.
  7. Traction has left the building
  8. Nice video! What is the Lap timer App you were using? Does it work off GPS or does it need a beacon?
  9. I just tested my Caterham with the 327 hp 2.4L engine. Holy crap, I've created a monster!!! It's just explosive. I Can't wait to bring it to NJMP next weekend.
  10. Wow Jay, That's a bummer! I think you're on the right track with a compression test. A leakdown test and borescope inspection could reveal a valve issue. Other ideas: Could be a cam position sensor. That would make it put fuel in at the wrong time. I've had that happen on another car. It ran rough. Check spark on #4 cylinder. Maybe a bad coil? Good luck!
  11. Are ZZR's better on track than Hoosier R7's, or A7's? I think I had A7's last time and they seemed to be holding up relatively well.
  12. I think we're going to need to do a full fledged intervention at NJMP. We can't let this fleeting moment of sanity gain traction.
  13. Seb, Best of luck with the new job! My Favorite track in the country is not far from MI. Road America at Elkhart Lake, WI. 4.5 miles of bliss!
  14. Simon, that looks great and should be a blast! I think you'll need a Cowboy makeover to pull off that Montana plate though
  15. Thanks Croc. it held up with the 2272 hp MZR. i’ll be careful with it. but... Just in case, what’s a good Plan B?
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