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  1. Hello All I am looking for a pair of 3 point seat belts for my 02 SV Roadsport, anybody have a set the want to sell? David
  2. Jim, I'm not familiar with CF half doors... David
  3. Hello, Just looking for comments on Half Sidescreens... Thinking about getting some Pro or Con Thanks dl
  4. Any chance you still have the wheels posted a while back? David
  5. Thanks for the info, currently looking at the tire solution first, it needs new shoes. Then if need be I will delve deeper dl
  6. What wheels are you running on your SV? Do you know what the offset is on your wheels, I'm thinking of changing out the set. thanks dl
  7. The speedometer is labeled "Caterham" I'm thinking (right or wrong) of trying to correct the problem through tire size, since I need to replace the rubber anyway. The first 7 I drove was at Dave Bean down in Goleta/Santa Barbara in 1981 or 82. I remember having Fry Boots on at the time, very memorable drive.
  8. Hello all, I bought my first 2002 Caterham 7 SV last week and have some tire questions. It only took 41 years to pull the trigger.... My wants are for a daily driver, not a weekend warrior. I live on the California coast so I have lots of options... Currently the car has 7"x15" wheels in front and 8"x15 rears running Avon AC B10s 195/45-15 78V in front and 215/40-15 78Vs rear. The tires are 7+ years old. The speedometer is displaying my driving speed around 10 percent high. Speedometer indicates 62 MPH, actual is closer to 55MPH for example. Questions: Where would I find out what the stock wheel and tire sizes? Where/how does 7s read tire speed for the speedometer? Would having 195/45s and 215/45 in back help fix the speedo error? Any comments/recommendations would be appreciated thanks dl
  9. Hello All, Does anyone have experience with bringing a Super 7 that had been registered via SB100 process in California, back to California after it was sold and taken to another state? Thanks dlove
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