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  1. I just pulled an ATX-30HD out of my 289 cobra roadster, replacing it with a larger Yellow top Optima. The lithium batteries are extremely sensitive to voltage coming from your charging system. Mine was right at the 13.8-14V, and I may have fried it, as even after I hit the reset button (built in secondary charge instead of jump starting), I got no voltage to even the clock in the dash. Checked all connections, zip, nothing. Cannot charge it, as lithium batteries take a specific type of charger, made just for them. So, just beware, if you spend the money on the Lithium battery, make sure you spend the extra couple of hundred dollars for the accessories. Bill S.
  2. Breeze offers quite a bit to the FFR related community. I've built and rebuilt more than my fair share of them. Kool Mat works well, I just don't need the sound deadening properties on the inside of my 7's or my Cobras. If anything, I've used a coat of truck bedliner under the cars and in the wheelwells to deal with road debris type noises. Works far better there, then on the inside of the car. Bill S.
  3. I prefer to do the entire cockpit with Design Engineering 010412 Reflect-A-Cool Heat Reflective Adhesive Backed Sheets, 36" x 48". Ultra thin, will not affect carpet install. I've done both my 7's, and my Cobra replicas with them. As far as sound deadener, I really don't bother with anything heavy like that, as the sound is outgoing, not incoming in both sets of cars. Finally, don't overthink it, keep it simple, and you'll be headed down the road before you know it. Bill
  4. So it's been 6 weeks and not 12 weeks so far, what else do you expect? Did you follow the procedure as listed above? Did you fill out the paperwork correctly? Did they send it back to you? You have to give us all of the details, or we cannot assist you properly. Bill
  5. If you have a MCO/MSO, the VIN is on there from the manufacturer. Is your car already titled in another state? Do you have the MSO/MCO and a simple bill of sale from the dealership you purchased the car from? If so, SC makes it much simpler than just about any other state. You just need to follow the process as it is laid out. Now, with that said, as I stated in a PM to you, perhaps your paperwork was lost in the mail, or perhaps you did not fill out the paperwork properly. Reviewing the state website and forms, the only one needed at this time is 400 and your MCO/MSO. The state will recognize the Caterham VIN format, as it is already in their system with other cars such as my last two. Heck, even the factory Birkin format is is accepted at face value, as that too is already in their database. Again, not trying to be hard on you, just try and figure out where the disconnect is in your case. Bill
  6. To Title Form-400 MCO from DF 15$ (check state website, this may have recently gone up) for new title Receipts for the kit (Some form of receipt, IE DF's invoice(s) and receipts from donor purchase are all I provided) Picture of the Serial# stamped in the frame & of the kit itself (May not be necessary?) Mailed via USPS Express Mail to SC main office SC DMV-Attn New Title Division-10311 Wilson Blvd C, Blythewood, SC 29016 This is required as the kit has an MCO and you need a title to register it. Do not go to the DMV office before you receive an SC title. To Register: Paid property tax receipt Title Roughly $40 for registration/tag
  7. I had it out this AM for a run to the post office . Bill
  8. My 40th anniversary 7 now living in Florida, replaced with a 289 Roadster replica after Rick (Time Machine out of Buffalo, NY) made me an offer I could not refuse. There may still be a SV in my future, but not right now. Bill
  9. Discussion Starter ยท #1 ยท May 9, 2012 Posted this in the Insurance and registration, but thought it might be helpful to other SC builders, that haven't searched for the info yet. Thanks to an old post by Dug my SC registration was very easy. I called the local Sheriff to see if they would come inspect the car and sign the Form 4038. She took my number and said she would call back. About 15 minutes later my wife called and asked why the Sheriff was in the driveway. The Sheriff waited on me to drive home and signed the papers. I had an hour and a half to kill before having to go back to work. So, I ate a sandwich and drove to the courthouse. Paid my taxes and went to the DMV got my plates. Pretty easy. Thanks Dug! Here is Dugs instructions from an old post. Worked fine for me: The procedure: Go to the county tax office and pay property tax: was about $16.00 -I needed the Certificate of Origin and receipt for kit (Invoice) and donor bill of sale (or receipts for major components). I went to the DMV Office with the following: Proof of Insurance Certificate of Origin from Caterham Bill of Sale from Caterham (you can use the invoice) Bill of sale for Donor or Bills of sale for major components. They want to know where the engine, transmission and read-end were obtained. Form 400: -For the VIN Number use the serial number on the Certificate of Origin -For the Make: -For the Year: -For the Body Style: -For the Model: -For Empty Weight: -Odometer Mileage must be greater than 0. Form 4038 or 401-A, or both: -For the VIN Number use the serial number on the Certificate of Origin -For the Make: -For the Year: -For the Body Style: -For the Model: -Check the Custom Kit Car box You will need to have the VIN on the chassis confirmed (form 4038), I did this once downtown at University Place, but now that they are off South Pleasantburg, I'm not sure of their procedure. You might want to call and ask if they do it on specific days or hours. Or, a call to the local Sheriff office or state police office to have them do it. Most of the people doing this sort of thing are car guys/gals and will ask you tons of questions. Hope you find this helpful. Feel free to PM me once the car has arrived, I'm not far from the Michelin Cars and Coffee location. Bill
  10. Also in Greenville, SC and multi Caterham/Birkin ownership under my belt, can't wait to see it. If you need a hand, or an ear to bend, just let me know. Bill PS: Your wife is not that naive, mine never has been, but has a smile on her face each time we get in whatever roadster graces our garage at the time.
  11. I think by starting this thread, you are headed in the right direction, mindset wise that is. You'll need to open yourself up to the potential of moving for a higher paying position as Albany (I own 2.5% of a multi story building downtown) NY gives you a limited list of potential employers that may have a 6 figure opening. On top of that, you then need to look at cost of living if you plan to move, say NYC vs Albany, where the cost of living is easily double: https://www.nerdwallet.com/cost-of-living-calculator Keep looking at the bigger picture, as you have been to date, don't get caught up with a specific number for a salary, instead look at your quality of life, one jobs stress vs another, health and long term employee benefits, management styles of one company vs other, even commute times and associated costs. Start a spreadsheet if you need to, or a simple legal pad with two columns of wants and needs for each job you are interested in, and their associated location. Don't overthink it, but do think it through. Above all else, ask questions, either to others, or to yourself in the mirror if need be, sounds funny, but it works. Best to you and yours in reaching your goals. Bill S.
  12. I was one of those kids that could not sit still, that, and my parents instilled a drive (no pun intended) to work for what I wanted. Some of the above (and others that were not listed) overlapped each other, as I was the consummate entrepreneur. Being a hyperactive ADHD child/adult was looked at by others as a bad thing, not for me, as I could (and still can) do multiple tasks at the same time. It is a rare occurrence where my mind is not going in 10 different directions at any given time. As an example, while typing out this response, I'm watching the news, carrying on a conversation on my cell, and sketching out the layout of the replacement cabinets in my small workshop, along with finding pricing for sheetrock for my wifes 1 car attached garage. To most, this is mind boggling, for me, just a typical afternoon..... Bill S.
  13. I've done quite a bit in my short time on this planet, (not in any specific order) shoveled driveways in the winter, mowed lawns in the summer, worked as a waiter, dock worker, retail sales, realtor, property manager, body shop owner, networking with SGI/Cray (remember them), customer service "cooler", multiple retail franchises....In house #5 in the last 37 years of marriage, all in three states......Some of the above treated us very well, others were not the greatest investments or ideas, in the long run, we made out pretty good considering our ages..always lived below our means, paid off our mortgages and business loans early, credit cards a week before they are due, never bought anything on long term credit.....SWMBO and I retired middle of last year, she right on time, me, 3 years earlier than I expected so I could take care of a terminally ill family member. Car wise, Skip can attest to, I've had a few (300+ and not in the business), currently a 289 Roadster by SPF, Ford 2.5L 2006 Miata GT, and my 70 GT350 Shelby convertible for the toys, with a Subaru Legacy, Ford Explorer for daily drivers, and a new Expedition on order, which I'll be lucky to see in June or July. Our advice, get your finances in order, then follow your dreams, you want to go back to school to enhance your skills and take that next step, see if your current employer will foot the bill, online and night courses are the key to a semi cost free "next step". Finally, if you are unsure of taking that next step, which from your initial post, you just very well may be, don't rush into anything, take your time, plan it out, then review your plan(s) and change as needed. Wish you the best of luck Bill S.
  14. Cobra, Miata, Shelby, Mustang, Expedition...Oh, wait, nevermind
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