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  1. Steve, Having taking 1 Caterham and multiple track prepped Cobra replicas through the Enhanced Inspection process, I can simplify this for you: https://www.speedwaymotors.com/Speedway-Hand-Crank-Manual-Windshield-Wiper,2301.html You will need the additional clip on bracket https://www.speedwaymotors.com/Speedway-Manual-Hand-Windshield-Wiper-Mount-Bracket,3416.html Simple, inexpensive, and removable, and checks off the "must have windshield wiper" for your finicky inspector. Bill S.
  2. Call Fed Ex directly to figure out whether this is required or not.
  3. Strong rumor is, Simpsonville, SC , just around the proverbial corner from me
  4. Coincidentally, I got an email from Martin Phillip at Caterham UK, he sent me a copy of the original sales order for my car, along with the much sought after paint code for the 40th Anniversary cars. Now, for anyone who googles the 2013 Caterham Anniversary Edition, they will now have it as follows: 40YOC paint code of GM BRILLIANT RED MICA "75". Cool stuff indeed. Bill S.
  5. I've been traveling recently and not focused on anything "7" related besides ordering parts from my good friend, Rick at Time Machine . Today I get a call from none other than George Alderman (yes, that George A.) in regards to a simple inquiry I had sent his son about my 2013 Caterham. Turns out that my car is the very last Caterham that George personally ordered new and built up. George spent about 35 minutes on the phone with me talking about why he ordered it, and what plans he had for the car before deciding to finally sell to the person I bought it from. Advised George I was going to add
  6. Bruce, Congratulations, can't wait to hear about your adventures. Bill S.
  7. I did a pretty deep google search and did not find anything used for sale. As always, appreciate the feedback and I am open to reasonable offers.
  8. Just as stated in the title, I have a complete set of 5-14"x6" Minator by KN Wheels of the UK 4x108mm Virtually brand new, as most likely originally purchased, based on the tire dates of "2301" (June, 2001) Avon SV-1 185/60/R14 Tires (stamped made in England) are brand new, yet 20 years old, maybe good for rolling around the garage/storage, or maybe even a great display item. Price for all is $850
  9. Thanks, will dig in as soon as I can and let you know what I find. Bill S
  10. Digital odometer, check engine light on tachometer, see attached picture (car running for several minutes). Have not checked any of the above yet, but will as soon as I can get a cool day to get back in to the garage (107 showing inside just now). Battery should be ok, as I have yet to charge or plug in trickle charger and it fired right up, even after sitting for almost a month disused. May pull it out and bench test it just to play it safe. Anything else I should be looking for or at? As always, your guidance is much appreciated, as this new fangled,
  11. I'd like to find out what is causing the check engine light on the dash to be on Of course with lack of use, it could be as simple as a leak in a vacuum line, a bad injector, or even a bad oxygen sensor, but it would be nice to narrow it down so I'm not tearing down the ancillaries in a "hunt and peck" to find the solution. Any ideas? Rick has graciously offered his cable for this, but it may be a month or so before I catch up with him at Olthoffs in NC Thanks again for your assistance Bill S.
  12. I rarely respond to my own post, but Rick from Time Machines Motorsports in NY gave me the following excellent information: "The read port is in the left foot well behind a 3" rubber plug. It is OBD style but OBD will not read it. The software is "Easimap" and requires an app (not a program) to read it and a proprietary cable to connect." Tried finding the Easimap ap in the apple store, but did not find it there. I did however find it via Google and now will learn as much as I can. Bill S.
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