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  1. I am the proud new owner, and... I'm still smiling from the 2 mile test drive around Scott's neighborhood. That was nearly a week ago.
  2. Thanks for all the kind offers. I'm in the process of buying a Birkin S3. Driving shoes solved the bigfoot issue. I'll have a little work to do to resolve height issues but nothing difficult. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks everyone! I'm checking on an S3 now. If I can't make that fit I'll be in touch with several of you. Thanks again!
  4. Thanks, I'll let you know. It'll probably be a couple of weeks before I would want to check it out. I'm going to take more careful look at the Birkin S3 with driving shoes this time to make sure it will work.
  5. Original, narrow bodied S3. I plan to give it a more thorough try in the next week or two, with driving shoes this time.
  6. Thanks! I'll keep it in mind. Looks like I'll be heading south with hopes of getting a Birkin so it may all be a moot point. I'll let you know if I want to come up though. Thanks again!
  7. Thanks, I'll keep it in mind, sure is close and would make a quick trip!
  8. Might be down that way end of February but then again, I might have one by then.
  9. I would be very interested in trying on your S3. I'm actually confident I'd fit in an SV (or any of the other "plus size" variants) so at the moment I'm most interested in the standard sizes so I know which models I should pursue. Thanks, I'll ping you in a week or so (unless I've already bought something!).
  10. Great idea, if it helps, for both the Stalker and the Dare, it wasn't seat width or pedal box dimensions, it was the the steering wheel hitting my legs. I literally could not use the pedals because I couldn't move my legs. Also in the case of the Dare, the top of the windshield surround was so thick it effected my vision. Lastly, the roll bar height (or the seat pan depth) would have to change as my head poked out above the bar. The Birkin S3 on the other hand, was very different, even with the pedal adjustment at it's closest I found I could work the pedals. Admittedly the pedal box was narrow but manageable, even with my size 14 (yet narrow) feet. I can't be certain but I suspect the steering wheel was somewhat closer to the driver (it was a removeable wheel which could have some bearing on reach) on the Birkin than the Stalker and the Dare. I don't think the steering wheel was smaller but that's a possibility. I think the database would be very useful but I also believe it could get quite complicated. There are a lot of factors to the fit. To me, thus far, for someone of my dimensions (6'1", 34" inseam, long arms, size 14 feet) the Birkin, so far, is the clear winner, at least for the S3 variants.
  11. I'm in the process of looking for a Seven to purchase. I've sat in a Stalker and Dare (both hopeless) and a Birkin S3 (a bit tight but not bad). I'd like to try on a Caterham, or any other replica that might be available in New England. I'm in Southeastern New Hampshire near the coast. Shouldn't take long and I can be very flexible on timing. Thanks in advance!
  12. Thanks for the advice everyone... I'll be back home in a week and will start selling and scheming Thanks again to Yeti for your time and the ride. I'm pretty sure you've completely changed the "toy plan" for the next several years at least. FYI - the TVR is a '72 Vixen 2500. It's referred to as the "hybrid" as it's the older Vixen body with the newer "M" chassis and TR6 drivetrain. There were between 90 and 96 of them made, depending on who you ask.
  13. I was passing near this car on a trip, the stars aligned, and the owner was able to accommodate my last-minute, late-in-the-day request to take a look. My expectations were for a very short visit, I'm 6'1", 200 pounds, 34" inseam, with size 14 feet (yet narrow) and I assumed we'd get out the shoe-horn and fail miserably to even get me into the car. To my amazement, I fit rather well. My girth was an exact fit between driveshaft tunnel and "door" sill, my knees were well clear of the (removeable) steering wheel, and I was able to operate the pedals with no issue. Now, admittedly, I took my shoes off first in order to get the best chance of fitting, but with race shoes on there's no doubt that I would be fine. This was all with the pedal assembly at the closest position. We removed the seat back to simulate moving the pedals 2" and my legs were essentially straight out. The only issues would be roll bar height which would be too short for (I assume) most regulating bodies for track/competition work. I also would have to play around with individual pedal positions to get the best alignment for heel and toe work. Beyond those two (hopefully easily solved) issues, my main concern about the car was resolved favorably. At this point I had no plan. I have tried on a Brunton Stalker and Dare TG for size and they were both completely hopeless. I literally couldn't drive either of them because my legs were jammed hard into the steering wheel. As I said, I figured I'd be there for 5 minutes tops and be heading on my way. Being a little lost as to what to do next, Scott and I just talked for a while, about the car, our driving experiences, hobbies (turns out we're both avid cyclists as well), etc. As time passed it became clear that he was a real driving enthusiast and had enjoyed his time with the Birkin tremendously. We had put the car up on his lift and looked it over, stem to stern, and eventually decided on a quick drive. I insisted that he do the piloting given it was dark by then, and I really didn't want to push things since I had already been driving 10 hours. To make a medium-length story short, everything went well. Admittedly this was my first ever ride in a "7" but I was pleased with how flat it handled all while having a remarkably supple ride. My TVR Vixen, by comparison, is exceptionally stiff, as in the suspension basically doesn't move (I have softer springs on order). The engine was responsive and all mechanicals seemed to be in proper working order. There were no un expected clunks, bumps, bangs, or other noises. Just plenty of scoot when the loud pedal was deployed and ample negative acceleration when the anchor was applied. Handling? How do the Brits say it? I think it's something like "It stuck to the corners like a limpet". Oh, and the exhaust note is sublime, just loud enough when pushed, yet quiet enough not to disturb the neighbors when driving "normally". In other words, it's a "7" through and through. My unexpected conclusion is that I will own a Birkin. At the moment I have a few things to sort before I would be able to purchase this one. I need to figure out where to acquire a taller roll bar (or cage?) and make some room in the garage by selling a few toys (anyone want a TVR?) but it was a surprising, enjoyable, and convincing visit. Thanks Scott!
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