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  1. I look forward to seeing you there. Can I get a ride in the Seven?
  2. Due to unforseen circumstances we've had to move the tech session back one week to the first of November.
  3. Updated the date to the 25th.
  4. Need to change the oil in your Lotus? Install a new air filter? Replace your brake pads? Once again its time for a LLSE Tech Session. Our own Dr. John has volunteered his garage with lift for our use. Just remember to bring your own parts and tools and we'll all lend our know-how and experience. Dr. John will again have the grill fired up and will be roasting burgers and hot dogs. Please bring along a side dish to share with everyone else. WHAT: LLSE Tech Session WHEN: Sunday, November 1st at noon WHERE: Dr. John's - 6775 Molly View Point, Cumming GA 30041
  5. What I don't get about the list is the placement of the Lotus 2-Eleven. Less than a year ago EVO did a comparo article on the Caterham vs 2-Eleven vs KTM X-Bow and chose the 2-Eleven as the winner. Why did they place it so high on the list when it is clearly a purists, driver's car?
  6. Only 20 more days to go! Have you booked your room yet?
  7. I've finalized the schedule and routes in the intial post above. Can I get an idea of who is planning on attending?
  8. The initial post has been updated with the latest information. Check it out!
  9. I'm working on the routing and schedule as we speak...
  10. No, its not a race but a multi-day mountain drive. And its not just about enjoying the local scenery but also good food and fun times with good company. I've choosen to do this in the middle of the week, as traffic and police are a lot lighter then. We'll use Fontana Village, NC (Fontana Village Resort)as our base camp because it's in the middle of the best mountain roads in the southeast, has free WiFi, a general store, a bar, a pool, a nice restaurant, a burger joint, a gas station and is pet friendly. Its surrounded by lakes, hiking trails and tons of outdoor activites for spouses or childr
  11. It was a small red triangle flag on a really long pole.
  12. I saw a Seven travelling south on Cobb Parkway, just inside the Perimeter (by the Barnes & Noble) last night around 9 PM. They had a tall flag mounted to the rear of the car. Who was it?
  13. Thanks to everybody for coming. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. Special thanks to the gentleman who let me drive his French Blue Seven (sorry I don't recall your name but I met a million people this weekend). After just a short drive around Barber I'm hooked. I want a Seven before I die. Incredible experience.
  14. Less than a week to go! I look forward to meeting everyone and driving all of your Sevens. =-)
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