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  1. Ha. Correct question is who had the best costume:jester:. Really have to make it down there one year.
  2. Must not waste all money on beer when going to St Johnsbury....must resist for beer. I wasn't overly impressed w/ Alchemist.
  3. I'm just lost as to what it will accomplish. Audi is successful in other series but will give that up to start on the F1 learning curve.
  4. Carp! wrong end of Va. Any idea of maximum capacity? standard size from Brunton, 14x6 deck?
  5. Usually find him at the WDCR SCCA autoXs at FedEX field.
  6. Wish I coul be down there this weekend. Have fun, kill tires!
  7. Toe is across the axle. Thrust angle is when comparing both, but most use separate values for both axles. I have a Smart Camber tool and toe plates from Longacre. Caster is reading that is best left to a machine.
  8. 1st or 2nd gear rev limiter? very nice.
  9. So a friend of mine tells me over the weekend that I should also consider looking at ramps trucks instead of the old truck/Montrose combo. Build an enclosure over the back and get it retitled as an RV to keep away from any CDL issues.
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