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  1. I've never seen an installation that didn't have them. Not to say the carbs couldn't work without them, but..... Maybe problems with tuning from the extra vibration? I don't know. That being said there is this. http://aptfast.com/ShowItem/102648%20One%20Piece%20Dcoe%20Soft%20Mount%20Kit.aspx Basically a big dowty seal with ears for the mounting bolts. It should save you the thickness of one o ring and the carrier. Never used these myself, so good luck. I kind of wonder why you are having this issue though. The carbs should line up reasonably well in the cutout w
  2. I've used passport and had no issues other than pickup schedule. It's kind of granted that the schedule be somewhat fluid. The driver basically makes one big loop from customer to customer and running a tight schedule doesn't work. Just make sure that when you get quotes you are comparing the same thing. After getting quotes from several carriers I started to find that they were all in the same ball park. I wanted door to door pickup and delivery, fully insured, running car, and enclosed. I could get as cheap as $700, but no telling what kind of transport that was with basic
  3. Since I hate to see you hanging, you get less than expert response until those who are more knowledgeable kick in. I don't see how you can reasonably remove the cam without the engine being turned upside down. The tappets fit into the block from the cam side not the rocker side, so you would need to find a way to keep the tappets at full lift while removing the cam. If you were stressing the engine I would guess that you may have bent a pushrod. It would be easy enough to pull the rocker cover, check the rocker/valve clearance for all of your valves and see if one of them has loose
  4. I know you say you are looking for a Zetec, but I am considering selling my Crossflow and am going through the process of building a web page while I consider what I am going to do. Located in Wichita, KS. You can see pictures at http://www.s-willis.com Take a look and if you are interested, email me. Steve
  5. Hello All, Does anyone with a xflow that has the weber alloy head have it drilled for a heater? Mine came without a passage from the water jacket to the intake manifold, although the indent is there. My guess is that it would be a common mod to block it off for racing just to keep manifold temps down, so the replacement heads don't even bother to complete the passage. I didn't want to start drilling into the head without knowing that it is a least possible. Steve
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