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  1. While there is some slight resemblance, the lights on on the truck in the photo are not the ones Caterham is selling now.
  2. My set arrived from England yesterday morning. The name CATERHAM appears on the lens twice. One right side up and the other inverted. They look and feel to be very well made and the kit is impressively complete. I’m looking forward to installing them on my car.
  3. As the title says, I'm trying to find an aero screen in carbon fiber that will fit a Caterham SV chassis. I'm familiar with the Westermann Motorsport (Germany) item. Are there other sources that anyone here know of?
  4. Are all four wheels 6" in width, or is the set, by chance, 6" wide fronts and 8" wide rears?
  5. We will see how long it takes for them to arrive. The shipping seemed awfully steep, however, for such a small and light package; about the same as what I spent a couple of months ago having this pricey, but beautiful, and heavy, lump of iron shipped over from the UK:
  6. I like them. A big improvement over the standard-issue, box-o-lights that look like something found in the "Towing Accessories" section at your local auto parts store. The look to be well made and nicely engineered in terms of packaging and wiring. They're not cheap at roughly $530 delivered to the US, but I ordered a set and look forward to installing them on my car.
  7. I'm certainly a big fan of 7s with red interiors. Mine, for example.
  8. Highly recommended. Been there, bought that.
  9. To answer your question, no, a hex bit (or Allen key) will not be suitable for removing a drain plug that has a square opening. While the standard drain plug on a T-9 transmission can be removed/installed with a 10mm hex tool, there is always the possibility that your plug got switched out some time in the past for a plug with a square opening. As such, you might try simply using a socket wrench with a 3/8" drive extension to remove the plug.
  10. Arch Motors, which is still in business, built pretty much every tube frame chassis for Lotus from the very beginning; including those for Lotus race cars up to and including the F1 chassis. For example, I'm currently restoring a 1962 Lotus 22 F-Jr. Its chassis was produced by Arch and still bears the stamped-in letters "AM" followed by a two digit number. Like all Arch tube frames, including the chassis of my 2005 Caterham, is beautifully brazed together rather than welded. Arch continued to make tube frames for Caterham up until at least 2005 before Caterham brought the chassis product
  11. It will handle a quality 265GB memory card. As for external power, check out this video: [video=youtube;WzFk0HmUC-Y]
  12. I'd be interested if that could be arranged.
  13. They are on facebook. From the looks of things they do contract manufacturing of carbon fiber components for other companies. https://www.facebook.com/enishi.carbon/photos/a.2111815259131559/2126048934374858 Their facebook page also shows pictures of carbon fiber cycle wings, dash panels and noses for 7s.
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