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  1. Yes I know Dave he is a good friend of mine, in fact we are having lunch with him tomorrow, (Wednesday)
  2. Thanks for the wonderful compliment and and it's not really a dedication, just a labour of love. I believe that we don't own these cars, we are just custodians who ensure that the vehicles we pass on are in A1 condition. I must admit that I still miss my seven. It was a joy to drive. We have a Lotus Elise at the moment and while its great fun to drive the seven still gives you more of a rush. But I must agree with Eddie that the Lola, I also believe, is the most beautiful car ever built. The pictures just don't do it justice, you really have to see it to realize just what a work of art they a
  3. Nice job keep up the good work.
  4. Ok so here are a few facts for those who are interested. The kit came from Fran Hall at Race Car Replicas in Detroit. All the main assembly was done by Ken Seybert at CVR Automotive, Gaines Michigan, now located in Florida. Since the pictures Slomove took I have reupholstered the seating, added new street legal tires and registered the car in California. Hardest job I had was finding tires and with the rear tires costing about seven hundred a piece we don't do many burn outs although we often get asked. The engine is a 383 small block Chevy stroker with aluminum heads, presently fitted wit
  5. Thought some of you may be interested in my Lola T70 replica. Having sold my Birkin I was looking around for another project, my first thought being a Ford GT40 replica but I wanted something a little more unusual. Coming from England originally I have allways loved Lola's, so when I found that I could obtain a Lola T70 MK3b replica, I was sold on the idea. Since completing the car I have set it up as a tribute car to James Garner's AIR Lola Team. The original car No. 9 was driven by Scooter Patrick and Davey Jordan and after consultation with Mr Jordan, all the logos and other items w
  6. I have a new/unused Quaife differential for a Birkin S3 for sale. I bought this some time ago when I had a Birkin but as I no longer have my car have decided it's time to part with this. I know that these are not available at the moment as Quaife have none in stock so this is your chance to obtain one. I can e-mail pictures to any one who is interested in this item.
  7. Just to say that I have sold my Birkin. Many thanks to those who took the time to look at this post.
  8. Hi Guys Yes my car is the Blue one and I have no idea who the owner of the yellow car is although he seems to be located very near to my home. By the way I moved up here from Arcadia not Culver City. I have not listed my car on ebay as they never seem to reach a true market price. I hope the owner has a reserve as at the moment it's a steal.
  9. It was just a radio ariel put on by my son which I removed and replaced with the Birkin Badge. He thought I would like it ( He was Wrong) Thought it looked like a F1 car with this add-on.
  10. I'm having to sell my Birkin as I need additonal space to undertake a new project. Thought I would be OK but turned out not to be the case. The car was purchased in 2003 from LA Fox Auto,South Elgin Illinois (Birkin importers). The car has a Califonia Title. It has a 2.0L DOHC 16V Ford ZX3 Zetec Engine with the following upgrades. Dunnell Intake Manifold. VGS 40mm Fuel Injected throttle bodies with larger volume injectors. VGS Fuel Rail. VGS air velocity stacks with ITG foam air filter with quarter turn fasteners. Fuel pressure regulator. Pectel T
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