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  1. Btw,the car is titled as a 1970 Lotus and yes I have a clear title for it, not just a registration like some states.
  2. I have an Atlas lift. My ceilings are vaulted,so I just bring my car more forward to achieve more ceiling height. Best thing I ever bought for my garage.
  3. Sold Sold Sold Factory built in 20164100 milesLS3 480hpT56 trans.CTSv differentialAll new parts,crate motor.65K investedBilstein adj. shocksTop includedHeaterPower Steering,brakes$36,000.00Call Rich 313-377-9542
  4. I just bought this in November and do not have alot of seat time in her yet (it's 25 degrees here!) but so far so good. I am coming from a Locost powered by a turbo Miata powertrain and the differences are not subtle! Factory built built with an LS3 480HP powerplant. I am looking forward to some autocrosses this year,maybe I can beat up on some Corvettes this year,we'll see... Rich
  5. Well,looks like I settled on the Stalker XL,hope it is everything I believe it should be...
  6. xcarguy,I autocross and street drive my cars. I have had 3 locosts already am looking for a new one with an LS. If yours is available please call me. I tried to PM you but it would not go thru. Rich 313-377-9542
  7. Funny that you mentioned Dave,I spoke wih him today!!
  8. I am looking for a street car that I can autocross,really want the LS engine. Rich
  9. I am looking for a World Class Motorsports S2K or a Brunton Super Stalker. Stalker must be S/C version or LS powered.Call Rich at 313-377-9542
  10. I was wondering if this is still available? Thanks Rich
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