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  1. haha ya that guy really knew how to wheel a car down the straightaway!!! I asked around and it was most likely a 2.8 (not a 2.4) and when they are built with the right parts 300 hp at the flywheel isn't too difficult to have. and a 2000-2100 lb 240z is very doable. it could move that's for sure!
  2. oh and Croc? your CSL racecar would have fit in nicely in Group 3 with me! these guys were all running Group 3:
  3. hey guys! Happy Thanksgiving! thanks for the kind words! Croc -- I prefer to maximize T4 (in perfect track conditions on fresh tires Avons I don't even lift there; last weekend with the track so oily/greasy and with nearly 8 yr old Toyo R888s I had to lift at the turnin point and then roll back onto it) and if you go through T4 like that you need to enter T5 much more on the inside. it's a good tradeoff as the loss into 5 is much less than the total gain in 4. if i'm really hauling through 4 like that there isn't any way to get back to the right for 5 and still get the braking done also
  4. here's the final race of the weekend for me (sunday morning). the track was not good (there had been too many engine explosions and oil spills to count on fri and sat); T1/T2 was bad. the T6 through T9 was very slick. T10 wasn't good. the only good sections really were T3 and T4 and T5 was OK. I was running a set of very old Toyo R888s (I was planning on finally buying new tires this year but then Covid happened). the major change to my Seven was to the crossflow motor; over last winter I installed a used dry sump system replacing the wet sump and accusump. also I spent hours and hour
  5. hi Graham! thanks so much for the quick response (and coffee and croc too!). I'm going to post a pic of the existing mount (non dry sump) and a pic from the website of the Caterham dry sump mount. they look very similar except on the dry sump mount the tubes are spread wider to let the scavenge hose pass through to the Piper oil pump. what i'm thinking is maybe you can modify my existing mount to make more clearance (like they made the Caterham drysump mount? i think probably only the lower tube needs to be modified). take a look at the pics and let me know what you think? thanks so
  6. hey fellas. i know this is a long shot, but i'm looking for a crossflow right hand side tubular motor mount for a dry sump engine (the normal wet sump mount interferes if you try to install a dry sump pump). after 25 yrs i'm finally doing a dry sump conversion on my racecar (no more oil starve!); I tried to order the dry sump mount from Caterham over a month ago but due to CV19 all the suppliers over there are shut down and Caterham is telling me that they have no idea when/if they can deliver the part. i don't expect to be racing before July here anyway, but I would like to get the mou
  7. yes THIS! that last gentle 1/4 didn't hurt more what was already hurt bad and requiring surgery..
  8. that looks amazing! have fun and show them what that Cat can do!!
  9. ya it's no contest versus my particular Seven; with the sticky tires on the Honda and no traffic a 1:26 is doable. it's a fast honda for sure. it's weird jumping between the two cars; the Seven has amazing mechanical grip and no aero help; it gets worse at speed. the honda has poor mechanical grip (heavier car and very small 225 tires) but has lots of aero bolt ons so as speed goes up it gains more and more advantage. at Thunderbolt I totally own T1 T2 T3 T4 T6 T7 T8 T12 but I get killed in the Octopus and exiting it and in T5. the slow turns esp with the dead beat tires really hurts
  10. Hi guys; sorry for not replying; I've been away at NJMP Thunderbolt with the DE PCA Club doing some testing and tuning on my other car (Honda Civic) and just got back last night. Yes I agree that they have to do better with pedestrian safety (i've mentioned it to them). I felt that I was well under control and never felt even once that I was going to tag a bale or curb or etc, but that's me and my ability compared to others. they did send home the guy in the full race Tiger (his name is Merlin and he does hill climbs in it; he's real aggressive and he was speeding in the Safety Zone of
  11. thanks Tom! ya it's really a blast and a great time for spectators too. the Seven is perfect for this race venue!!! and ya they had some amazing cars this year. my fav was the P4 Ferrari. they were driving it very cautiously (understandably!) but it sounded orgasmic when it was winding out on the front straight!
  12. Hi Dallas and thanks! ya the first lap I was taking it easy mainly so that I wouldn't catch up too fast to the back of the field, and also warm up my tires and oil (there were about 15 other cars lined up behind me and they sent them out at 10 sec intervals). at the start of the second lap is when I really dropped the hammer and let 'er eat! I do have safety gear on board (old style FIA cage, which is vintage legal, plus a fire bottle and 6 pt belts and full suit. I always wear a HANS whenever I'm vintage racing but at this venue with the extreme 90 deg turns, I need to be able to turn my
  13. haha! i don't know who kept hitting the bales in the chicane; all i can promise is that it wasn't me!
  14. wow what a day yesterday at the Coatesville Vintage Grand Prix! this was the third time they've held the event and it's getting bigger and bigger. they put in some tighter chicanes this year and they put in a Safety Zone between Harmony St and the final turn and start finish line (had to slow to 15 mph going through that section for safety due to the crowds etc, so you'll see that every lap I go past that section). there were more cars there than the previous years, but it was better organized also which was really encouraging to see. here's the incar footage from the last session; I star
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