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  1. Exciting times, congrats on a great build!
  2. Those are 4mm or 5/32” on mine
  3. Should be Fastener Pack ZBC02. It doesn't give sizes on the pack sheet I have except for the rivet - 1/8" x 0.39". Nothing for the buttons and sockets.
  4. Did the first ECU setup run with Steve of SBD Motorsports yesterday. A few relevant notes: 1. The ECU fuel pump run command signal can be programmed to run as long as the engine is turning over, which is safer than the "always on" mode that it's wired as right now (currently only killed by key turn out of position 2 or inertia switch trip). So electrically it would have been better to keep the fuel pump control relay and harness intact. I will re-install a new harness over the winter, but for the tracks days coming up next month it's gonna be fine. 2. Steve tuned the cold star
  5. SBD Motorsports recommended replacing the stock lambda sensor with an Innovate LC-2 Wideband System, so I went with that. Mechanically it swaps out easily without modification. Electrically this is the plan… The only unknown is whether the signal 0V NB8 should be grounded (probably to the chassis). Looking at the Caterham schematics the NB8 signal ground wire is shared with several other sensors, plus it’s close to 0 ohms to battery ground already, so right now I’m going to lean not connecting it. Ground loops are not good.
  6. Has anyone replaced a standard lambda sensor with a wideband one? I believe it's 6 wires but there's only 4 on the current sensor connector (brown/blue/black/white).
  7. I believe so, I can pull up the raw O2 sensor value and lambda number on the ECU software, I’ll be able to send this to the Aim Solo2 for recording. Life is good with an unlocked ECU 🙂 Edit: Upon research it looks likely that it’s not a wideband lambda sensor, so I’m gonna replace it.
  8. I only see 1 throttle body at the entrance to the manifold, everything past that seems static, but I don’t really know. That’s good info thanks! So I started up the engine cold a few times now, it reliably holds idle either the first or second attempt, so I don’t think it’s a temperature thing, maybe air bubbles in the line working it’s way out. Whatever the reason, it’s pretty good now. SBD Motorsport have been great so far, it’s so great to be able to send any data I want to the AIM system. They responded about the RPM meter not showing RPM correctly they s
  9. I blipped the throttle to keep the engine going for a while, then after it warmed up some it held idle fine. I also experimented with the 2 electrical control variations for the pump. Here’s how the original on demand pump controlled by the ECU and pump control relay (same as original internal pump control) works… …the pump runs for a second to charge the pressure, then I start the engine, fails to hold idle, then the pump is re-activated by the ECU. How it ever worked before i don’t know. Fuel pressure was around 30psi. I know the plumbing isn’t setup for on demand but
  10. Moving on to the new ECU…it’s so nice to be able to go in and configure stuff. The RPM meter on the dash doesn’t work properly, it’s like it’s showing pressure or something, but I’ll figure that out later. The main issue right now is the engine doesn’t idle, anyone have a clue what could be the problem? Here’s a vid of the problem… https://youtube.com/shorts/u2HwIthDE-g?feature=share
  11. Does sound electrical, hopefully something simple and obvious like a loose ground wire.
  12. It was plumbed in by Caterham, there’s a handle on the dash. So I put 5 gallons in, set off the pump for a second but no gas flow or pressure. Maybe I have to put more fuel in or bleed it somehow?
  13. Plumbing finished, may fine tune later. Just gotta wire up the pump now.
  14. The new ECU is in, started the plumbing, starting at the engine and going back. 5/16” fuel line quick connect connector, 6AN hose clamp, 7.9mm stainless braided high temp fuel hose… Although the internet said to use hose clamps not cable ties for fuel lines I used the latter like the original installation, seems fine to use for the tunnel… For the exit point from the tunnel above the LSD I didn’t feel comfortable snaking around the hose like the old one because it’s quite a bit larger diameter and didn’t want to risk pinching it, so I cut a notch in the wood
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