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  1. I’m gonna check back with them next week when I get back to see what they come up with. They did suggest an alternate bag tank with internal pump that might work, but I gave them the rest of the week to see what paths can be taken. Gut feeling is if their race 420Rs have some different components like cams and other stuff on the top that would suggest the standard stuff isn’t quite sturdy enough for what I’m using it for perhaps, so I may push for that. The engines gonna have to come out anyways.
  2. About to fly off on vacation got this message from Caterham… “Looks like we have some crossed wires here with regards to your car as originally (a long time ago) when we spoke, I assumed your track car was a race car and the tank therefore would not be an issue. However as you can see from one of our engineers below, turning a car from road using “fuel on demand” is the first problem, map would be another as the 420 race cars have different cams etc as well. Other than undertaking what would be a re-mapping process and much more I really can’t see a way around getting this to
  3. Dumb question - I just replaced an internal pump with an external one on my 420R - do I need to change something on the injector or ECU?
  4. It’s 15 gallons, completely fills the housing.
  5. This is the plumbing concept, hopefully it’s correct…input welcome!
  6. Bag tank completed prior to insertion… tank installed and braced…
  7. Thanks for the pics, the switch is a good idea, I’ll add that. Do you have a fuel filter in the system? They sent me one but their pics didn’t show one.
  8. Missing parts came in finally so I’ve got this weekend to do as much as possible before vacation or otherwise out of pocket for the next month. Added 2 strips of angle for the new tank to sit on, which is bolted on the old tank brackets. It’s a tight fit but it does fit. Glued on rubber cushions and then added some stoppers on the strips to stop any lateral movement of the tank… Note this is only needed for SV width. Next is mounting the pump. I removed the bag from the container, then placed the container, tank to pump pipe and pump in mounting bracket and mocked u
  9. Hope you have more luck than me getting parts quickly, I've been waiting 4 weeks for a pressure regulator!
  10. When you get to plumbing, the purple meanie build is a great reference... Build Session 17.5 : Caterham 420R Water and Oil Overview | PurpleMeanie
  11. Thanks for the pics, the outer lip of the Recaro seat near the hips appears to be wider than the width of the cockpit, you seem to have overcome this by positioning the right lip over the tunnel, which I can’t do. Grrr. Sorry for hijacking this thread.
  12. @Kitcatwhats the halo seat you have in there? That’s what I’ve been looking for but couldn’t find anything that fits.
  13. +1 for Hoosier slicks for the track, the Hoosier Formula 2000 radials 43370/43380 R35 compound are about 5 seconds faster than the ZZRs at Barber. They also started selling R55 compound recently.
  14. 1. I'd been fighting that for a while where the right foot presses on the gas pedal little when braking (I have super wide feet). I would hazard a guess the same thing is happening for you. If you have the stock gas pedal add a spring return, that'll help you feel it better. Also narrow footwear or even race shoes may be worth a shot. Last resort modify the gas/brake pedal. 2. The brakes for me take a little warming up to work fully, once warm you can lock the wheels up, but it does take more force to operate than typical cars do, it just takes a little getting used to. They may need bedd
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