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  1. All the time at Rhosniger by RAF Valley Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  2. Croc your in my old neigbourhood, I was born down the coast towards Chester, used to make the daily weekend trip to Anglesey for windsurfing adventures. Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  3. You guys crack me up..these coments brought a nice smile to some what dull day. Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  4. Getting some drives in before it gets too hot. Also made a set of comms headphones for me and the passenger, made from ear protectors and motorcycle Bluetooth communication units, I have the instruction PDF on how to make these if anyone wants it. Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  5. I should have put my hand in for a ref as its a pretty big picture.
  6. Anyone else remember the picture we could buy from member Jose Gonzalez, well I finally got it framed after sitting in it's packing tube since 2012. Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  7. Thanks Wemtd, I have noted the drive for a day trip.
  8. Hi xcarguy :willy_nilly:
  9. I sure am Croc, 7 years now still with Yakima, heading to Portland Oregon in a week for 3 weeks for some training on the US Yakima system and having a weeks holiday in Portland too, as I have never been to the USA
  10. A couple more Sent from my SM-A530F using Tapatalk
  11. Hi guys im still around, hope you are all well Small update on my Birkin 7, (Grace) New color (Mazda Crystal Sol Red), new tires, new grill, new paint on all the wheels, all due to a small incident at work 8 weeks ago Tires are Federal 595 RS R 195/50ZR15 semi slick road/track, sticky as hell compared to the Toyo T1Rs
  12. Hi mike life's been great, love the weather still and the surfing, 4Wding, exploring....the list goes on, miss the NZ driving roads though, its nearly cooled down enough to get Grace out for runs again.
  13. Hi Croc I have tried the shade top for the Birkin, i managed to borrow one from a Birkin owner in Sydney, I need to get around to making one as it certainly keep the sun of my chrome dome
  14. Hey all, back on the forum after a big hiatus away from the internet (well some of it), how is everyone I see some old names here which is great to see. I still have the Birkin S3 which was shipped to AU from NZ when we moved 5 years agao, we don't drive it quite as much now as its way to hot to sit in an open wheeler vehicle here in Australia, Queensland. Anyway great to be back and ill have lots to read Cheers Stephen
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