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  1. Hello, The windscreen actually works really well. I put one on the Donkervoort also and was amazed how much it does help. Pretty simple, just some velcro on the rollbar and then straps that wrap around. Appreciate the comments on the garage, just finished building it. So it is still super clean and getting broken in Thanks Jeff
  2. Thanks Skip, As stated yes the car is still in Colorado. Thanks Jeff
  3. Hello, I bought Mighty Mike's old Birkin about 4 years ago. http://www.usa7s.net/vb/showthread.php?6773-MightyMike-s-Birkin-for-Sale http://super7ui.com/birkin/exterior3SM.jpg You can find out more details about the car for sale here http://super7ui.com/birkin/birkin.html Please let me know if there are any questions. Thanks Jeff
  4. Hello, I am the very happy buyer of this great car. I hope to be able to give it as much time as Mike has. Some might remember me from a couple years ago. I sold a Donkervoort on on USA 7's. Ever since I sold that I have always been looking around for another 7. I started a Locost project, but I just don't have the time to finish that. So that is now for sale here and other places. Look forward to some nice curvy roads this fall. Thanks Jeff
  5. Hello, Looking to sell a project that has stalled out. Here is a link to the details. Please email of PM me if you have any questions. Thanks Jeff http://www.kruegscars.com/Locost/home.html
  6. Hello everyone. The car has been sold to Calvin in NC. Sad to see the car go, happy for the new owner! Thanks everyone Jeff
  7. Hello, I had a couple people ask about the tire sizes so I thought I would post it. The fronts are 195/50 R16, the rear are 205/55 R16 Thanks Jeff
  8. Josh, Thanks for the nice post! Jeff
  9. Thanks for the comments on price. I honestly had no idea where to price it and thought that was a fair price. Just hoping someone can give it the attention it deserves. Jeff
  10. Hi skip, Yep I was at Log 27 and several Loco events. Been at High Plains once. I love your 7 with the Mazda Engine. Mine is not even close to as fast as yours, but still fun to drive:) Thanks Jeff
  11. That is to funny the pictures from Log 25. That was me on my way back from Detroit with it. Small world. Yeah took me about two days to get it all polished up but it sure looks awesome all polished. Thanks again for all the comments. Jeff
  12. Hello, Thanks for all the complements. The nose cone is really cool. From what I was told there are 6 Donkervoorts in the US, but I have not confirmed that. Thanks Jeff
  13. Hello, So I am hoping to find my pride and joy a nice new home that will have more time to spend with it. You can read more about it here. This is a true Donkervoort. http://www.kruegscars.com/cars/donker/donkersale.html Thanks for looking. Jeff
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