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  1. I mounted a Raydot competition mirror using a simple bracket that most Factory Five guys use. Its a very simple affair that could easily be made in your garage. The wind wing pegs remain available for use. You can see the image in the for sale listing for the 2002 birkin. good luck Jason
  2. This for sale thread has migrated a bit, but... the K&N filters fitted to the Jenvery TB's have a hole already drilled to accept a fitting. Should be a very simple fix. I would also plumb the crankcase vent to the same pipe with a t-fitting. Again, very simple and likely to "fall off" right after inspection. Cheerio Jason A
  3. Yep S Daddy got a great deal on a great car. I wish I could say I dont feel a bit of remorse about selling the car, but I know full well that I'll own another seven one day. I've got to get this crazy Morgan thing out of my system. As an added twist, since the Morgan is a 6 month min lead time, the house Gunny approved the purchase of Millie the MG. Here's a shot of the two new friends... Barry Benson the Birkin meets Millie. Barry is off to his new digs out west next week. I'm confident he's in good hands. Cheers Jason
  4. Thanks for the compliments. Perhaps the BIN should have been higher, but in the end if the buyer and sellers are both happy with the result its a win-win. I've had a lot of questions from bidders and there is a lot of time left in the auction so anything can happen. happy bidding. Jason
  5. Well folks, Its off to Ebay for my Birkin. The listing can be found here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Brand-new-Birkin-S3-/280943527593?pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item41698a06a9 Feel free to comment, critique, poke fun or bid... Jason
  6. That's a great result. I dont meant to backtrack, but could what kind of intake are you running, what head work, and level of Zetec tune? Allow me to add a comment about 1trubofucus (Tom). Tom really went out of his way to help me troubleshooot my mapping issues on my Zetec. In the end, it wasnt an ECU problem, but a simple injector wiring issue. Regardless, Tom is one of those special people who is willing to dedicate his time and knowledge to help like-minded enthusiasts. Jason
  7. I've used Intercity in the past to ship enclosed. Best $1,200 I ever spent. Its point to point delivered to your door. I've used them for my Birkin move, two personal cars, and a motorcycle. Each time it was a pleasure working with them. I would suspect that costs may be a bit higher give fuel costs. I would not even consider open transport for a Birkin or really any other car that I gave a hoot about. Jason
  8. My car has a Birkin Cert of Orgin, Bill of Sale and receipts for Engine, ECU, intake and many, many other parts. I dont have a receipt for the tranny (it came with the roller chassis), nor do I have a CT title. In Texas its pretty easy to apply for title/registration. Get it inspected, vin verification, apply for title, register and bobs your uncle. In CT its a bit more difficult due to the fact that the inspection is much more idtiotic. Ct has silly bumper requirements, covered exhaust, DoT labels on lenses, US dot labels on windshield glass, etc. Basically everything a new Bir
  9. Seveners, I'm lowering my offer to $23,500 for the car and all extras. Heck, you could buy the car, sell off the LSD, clams, cam cover, Birkini top and probably net have just over $20k invested in a brand new car with less than 100 miles on the clock. Given the current number of cars on offer, the hardest decision for a prospective buyer is which Birkin fits the bill. Kitcats duratec is certainly a beautiful and powerful car to consider. feel free to PM for more photos or to answer questions. Rgds Jason
  10. Marine7

    New 7

    Jim, Love the wood wheel and clamshells. Its a timeless look. More pic's please. Jason
  11. KiwiBirkin, For now I'm going to keep it all as a package. Cheers Jason
  12. Also have to thank Tom C aka 1turbofocus and John C for their patient advice and assistance. The resources on this board never cease to amaze me. If you have a problem or a question, somebody will be there to help. Thanks and now back to the regularly scheduled program...
  13. Update on the car. Tuning problem solved. Loose injector wire fixed and now the car runs like a scalded cat. Still for sale... I think ('cause it sure is fun to drive). Thanks 11Budlite for the help! Jason
  14. Mike, Fantastic job. You've created a one-of-a-kind car. I know exactly what you started with and the end result is stunning. Good luck with the sale. Lets hear more details on your Stalker as she develops. Jason
  15. Mike, I dont want to jinx things, but the plan is to replace it with a certain "car" that has 2 less cylinders and 1 less wheel... and thanks for the compliment. Its not perfect, but I'm very happy with the way its come together. Jason
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