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  1. Well, there are a bunch more pins on the CSR tach. In the end, power, ground, and a tach signal make a tach a tach. What year is the chassis? Armed with two sets of schematics, and pins/shells from Caerbont, one could probably get most, if not all chassis side features working on the new tach. Cheers, -Bruce
  2. We have both of these tachs (58055 and 71261) on the shelf. I'm a bit surprised that the 71261 you have is 2-coil, but, there are clearly multiple generations of these tachs. To be specific, we have the 58055A, which is the current CSR tach listed on the UK website. You can always reach us at info@beachmanracing.com Cheers, -Bruce
  3. Spindle is now a custom AP part, as of 2015. It's important to note that *all* car manufacturers utilize an outsourced supply-chain, as it is less profitable to maintain the design/implementation resources in-house. Most of those custom Titan and AP parts were specifically designed for Caterham, to their specifications. Pop quiz and a gold star to the one who correctly identifies the interchange on the CSR rear brake caliper (Croc - give them a chance). Cheers, -Bruce
  4. BruceBe

    New Build

    You're welcome :-) Cheers, -Bruce
  5. Craters/shippers have been notified - this one's coming up to Seattle. Many thanks to everyone who expressed interest and support. And I dare say, Seattle is starting to become a decent locus of Seven ownership. This year, we've got new representation in Seattle x 2, Woodinville, Redmond x 2, and Kirkland. Vroom, vroom! -Bruce
  6. Yogi had a good collection of seats to check out today: 310S SV with leather seats 620R S3 with carbon Tillets G7 SV race car with the FIA Tillet "Big boy" XL seat CSR race car ("Catzilla") with standard FIA Tillets Cheers, -Bruce
  7. Wow Bob - I should put you on the marketing team :-) I've been slow-rolling the pickup on this kit at the factory, but I'm guessing my excuses will be exhausted sometime this week. If you live closer to England than Seattle, and are thinking about a self-build, I believe there will be time and money savings. Cheers, -Bruce
  8. Price on this kit is now set, at under $49K + shipping. The kit is still in the UK, so a drop-ship can be arranged. Cheers, -Bruce
  9. Thanks - gearbox is the new Caterham 5-speed. The only 6-speed option is the sequential Sadev at this point, as the bespoke Caterham 6-speed is discontinued. While the car looks attractive in black, we chose the color based on input from our local body-shop. For those wishing to change the color, black is a good starting point. For dry-sumped kits, we offer professional assembly services at $7K. We will be settling with the factory over the next couple of days, so pricing will be fixed at that point. Then we'll have a few days before locking-in on delivery to our facility in Washing
  10. This stock order is now ready for pickup at the factory. It can come to us, or, you can build it yourself and save on some shipping. All the details are on our inventory page, HERE. It's a nicely optioned 420R SV with additional touring features. For a self-build, there's plenty of time to have it on the road next spring. We dynamically price, based on transacted exchange rates, on all ordered kits, to provide the best value to our clients. Thanks to the latest Brexit confusion this week, the exchange rate has drifted favorably for us, putting the kit in the $48K (+shipping) range.
  11. This kit is now sold. Going to a great owner, who looks to be building it as a family project. -Bruce
  12. Croc posted a very accurate summary. As an addendum, US dealers have recently received ordering information for the new Super Seven 1600. Our inventory of in-stock and available kits/rollers on order can be found HERE. Cheers, -Bruce
  13. To route and confidently secure the hose, you'll likely need more access than what removing the tunnel top will provide. In the past, in a CSR, we have managed to remove the tunnel side panel on the driver's side. Once that was done, we could remove the driveshaft, and then install a new hard fuel-line in the tunnel. It's a grunt, for sure. Croc is right about the hose - even fuel-rated hose has permeability over time. The newer SAE specs (J30 R7) can handle the ethanol that is found in most fuels now, and promises better permeability performance. I would consider a hard line in the tun
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