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  1. Thank you for checking out my add! Here is a little background: I have had a number of performance cars over the years. Everything form Mazda RX’s, to Mitsu EVO’s, Corvettes, BMW M’s, and Lotus’s. Prior to having the Birkin S3, I had a 2008 Lotus Elise SC. It was the most raw performance car I had owned. I loved it, but had been researching and lusting over Lotus 7’s for years. I sold my Elise SC in a matter of hours and started my search for a 7. I looked at Caterhams’s, Westfield’s, Birkin’s, and Superlight’s. What I liked most about the Birkin is that it had everything the Caterham d
  2. Chris, Check this one out: http://www.texasmotorworks7.com/1967-Birkin-S-3-Super-Seven-Texas-76012/4755272
  3. Nelson, Not sure where you are in TX, but there is a dealer in the dallas area w/ a few birkins in stock.. http://www.texasmotorworks7.com/1967-Birkin-S-3-Super-Seven-Texas-76012/4755272 Adam
  4. guys, how difficult is it to get one of these registered (if it has been before) and covered by insurance? is there anything i need to know going into this? AK
  5. i am looking for a 2000's Cat, Westfield, berkin, etc. Have anyone ever tried to register or insure one in georgia? thanks, adam
  6. Do any of you all do mountain drives? AK
  7. I am on the north side of town and work in the alpharetta area. AK
  8. thanks for the feedback. i hadn't thought about the brunton. how common are they? is there a builder this the SE US?
  9. hey all, I have had my lotus elise for about 9 months now and have really grown to love the less is more platform. this brings me to the what is next question... I have been looking into Caterham/Westfield/Birkin for a few months and would like to check one out if i can find one locally (atlanta, ga) area. In order to pursue this more seriously, i need to figure out if i can fit in one. I am about 5'10'', 200lbs, and wear a size 12 shoe. Is SV an/only option? thanks, Adam
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