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  1. If you are used to power brakes the pedal of the S1 feels a bit hard. After driving some it feels normal and the brakes are quite good.
  2. According to the MSO the car was built Sept 08, the chassis number is BIY229208-15. The distance between the front attachment points of the cage is approx. 37 1/2 inches CTC. The cage is in a storage unit so I am not able to measure the height at this time. If you will email me I can send you some pics of the car with the cage installed
  3. Roll cage with three nice mirrors for Birkin S3 $500 OBO. Local pickup or strap to a pallet. This cage was $1100 new. Located in Texas. Email for pics retrorider@Hotmail.com or phone 806 544 3595
  4. 2003 S1 roadster for sale. This is a good looking well sorted out car. It has 19k miles and seems to be totally reliable. Has the top and doors and a extra set of wheels with high performance tires. It has the 2.0 Zetec engine with Weber fuel injection. It also has a extra exhaust side pipe, and a small box of extra parts. It has a clear Texas title as a 1965 Lotus, and is currently inspected and registered for street use. I am asking 20k or best offer. It must be sold because I bought another 7. this car has had 3 owners all over the age of 70. If interested contact me by email or ph
  5. Where are you in west Tx? I am in Lubbock and have two 7s
  6. Hi John, How much do you want for your car? Thanks, Nelson
  7. I have a pretty good list of parts that will interchange for the S1. A windshield would be a disaster though. Maybe a piece of Lexan?
  8. The original owner of my S1 is deceased so I cannot ask him questions. He was a somewhat well know sports car racer from the 50s and 60s. He kept a log of repairs and modifications he did to the S1 that I got with the car. The man I bought it from knew nothing about it so I have to figure out what has been done to it and why. I am 71 years old so it will just be a street cruiser for me. I have no idea how much power the engine has, but it is enough to give me a thrill. The only problem I have at the moment is the brake lights only work with had pedal pressure. The hydraulic switch is totally h
  9. I live in west Texas where it almost never snows. We have 40 year old cars in the wrecking yards that still have the paint underneath. My S1 is from Montana and has no corrosion anywhere.
  10. Hi Dave. Really enjoyed the video! I have car number 13. I feel I can keep the car going ok except for crash damage. Dave Cope at Superformance has been able to supply some parts I need. I also have a list of interchangeable parts from the original owner. I also have some drawings of front suspension parts if anyone needs them. Nelson
  11. Yes, I was referring to safety equipment. Roll bar/cage, fuel cell, Fire suppression, and of course tires and suspension tuning. I understand the Hans device is something a track driver should consider. For autocross the car is good to go as is. Just need a good driver for that.
  12. The S1 was designed to be a street car, though with modification it would certainly be a capable track car. The car is well built in a factory, and has many good parts from the factory. I bought my S1 simply because it was half the price of a Caterham. It has a tube frame, Zetec motor, Weber fuel injection, Wilwood four piston calipers on all corners. It is a reliable driver, corners like a slot car, and has lots of suds in stock form. It even rides pretty good. What more can a senior gear head ask for?
  13. Dave at Superformance got the odd part I needed for my S1. They fabricated a parking brake bracket for me.
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