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  1. It's funny, I was worried about visibilty issues durring mockup. As it turns out, you look "through" it when driving and don't notice it. Other drivers have said the same thing when in the car, so it's not just me. Good driving requires you to look far ahead and things close in get ignored. Wierd but true. I agree it does deviate from the traditional 7 lines but Stalkers are a unique breed ayway. The "cool factor" cannot be denied. As if one of these cars does not already command attention, this pushes it over the top. If it didn't make the car perform better however, I would have removed i
  2. Here are the highlights. Anything not mentioned, just ask! Motor: 3.4L GM 60 degree V6, 9:1 compression Crower solid lifter cam, .520 lift, 110 deg cl 1.6 aluminum full-roller rockers Chromoly retainers/keepers, dual springs custom hardened push rods Custom Road Race oil pan, gated & baffled, increased ground clearance Supercharger- B&M 142ci, 148% overdriven, custom manifold & drive Holly 390 cfm carb- modified, no choke, slosh control Mallory Hyfire ignition system, w/ revlimiter (set 6250 rpm), recurved distributor Holly fuel system The Rest: Weight 156
  3. Brunton Stalker 3.4L Chassis #34, 2004 Street legal and registered in Texas as 1959 Lotus Very well sorted for Auto-x and pleasant road manors. Perfect balance and tons of useable power. I've had the car for 5 years and worked out all bugs and handling issues- including nasty oversteer inherent in the design. Road driven and auto-x regularly, never wrecked or failed to drive home. Needs nothing. Perfect for the owner who is looking for a hard-core street/track car and appreciates an old-school approach to hot-rodding. Some pics posted in Members Ride section in "East Texas Stalker"
  4. It never fails, I am always asked the horsepower! My generic reply is "about 300". In reality, spending $ on dyno pulls doesn't help me. I catagorize horsepower as "not enough" or "enough" to get the job done. The real variable, and more relevent, is WHERE the power lies in the RPM range. Positive displacement superchargers are excellent for this as they can make power at ANY RPM desired with proper setup. This car has a power band from 2500-6250 with enough torque on hand to blow the 10" goodyears loose at 3000 rpm with a twitch of the throttle. As I am setup for auto-X and see most runs in t
  5. Car #34. dont let the "old-School" mods fool you. car is very well sorted (finally!) and a rocket ship at auto-X. Speed never happens by accident. For sale and will be posting in that forum section in a few days with details.
  6. Great, Sign me up! Any tech changes if I want to run on slicks? I like to go fast........! jason
  7. Ive just recently heard about this event and considering attending with the Stalker. About what is the cost? Also any tech issues that need to be addressed for the track event? Jason.
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