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  1. One of my favorite sedans. Prefer silver over black personally. Good luck with the sale. It's on my bucket list.
  2. I stumbled across this auction for a nice original Lotus. It looks like a good price for now 1 day left. Someone here may be looking. http://bringatrailer.com/listing/1962-lotus-super-7-2/
  3. Toedrag I cant find the custom vehicle section in the DMV. Do you know what section its in.
  4. Manual brakes will work just fine for any 7 in my opinion. Heck we even took the boosted brakes off of the BMW lemons race car and put a manual set up on it and it works great as long as the master cylinder doesnt blow seals. As far as headers go it will most likely require a custom set built to fit the car. Mufflers are available from many manufactures. Round style most popular. I wouldnt go over 2.5 the larger the pipe the louder it tends to get. Noise on the Honda is intense when your hammer it so a resonator before the muffler can help reduce the noise.
  5. Love the wheels what brand are they? They would look great on my 67 Chevy.
  6. Thats some good info there Bruce as usual. Will you put that in the service manual.
  7. Looks great. YOu will love the Honda engine.
  8. I looked at LoJack. Our local department doesnt have the radio's to track LoJack. So gps is my only option. With the system I got it has motion sensor and wakes up and starts communicating its location once it leaves its geo fence parameters. Maybe it will help if I just hide it sufficiently.
  9. Hi, I don't know if this actually sent properly from the private message link, so here it is again.


    Hey Loren, hope all is well with you and your family. Thanks for the reply. I did already replace the front shocks with 8243-5 QA's, these are the shorter shocks and they have heavier rebound damping. All I had to do to repair the 8253 shock was order a new shaft and replace it, now I have a spare set for the rear.

    I also attached a set of cable stops so that when you jack the car up the heims aren't supporting the weight since the shock is not at full extension. I will probably order a set of valves later to change the 8253's to the -5 since these shocks seem quite easy to work with and the valveing will be cheaper than complete shocks.

    I haven't had it back on the track yet will have to wait until march , I also realigned to more track settings -1.5 camber all around and 1/16 toe, it feels amazing on the street so the track should be even better.


    thanks again


  10. I just had a trailer stolen Christmas day with 12k worth of equipment on it from a locked yard. Which really ticks me off. PD didnt really seem to give a rip about my missing stuff. I got to thinking there has to be some way to track this stuff. I did a little Googling and found a system that looks good. I thought it could come in handy for our little jewels and the trailers that transport them. I always sleep horribly in the hotel when traveling with my car due to fear of theft. The one I picked has several options. (There are several different companies to choose from most have month
  11. YOU could use 17x8 all around if you want to run 22 and 245 on the rear. If you go with a 275 on the rear then you can use the 9 inch. Usually 35-38 MM offset works well.
  12. I have the 2" foam they sell in the Aircraft spruce catalog and had it made into seat cushins more so I can see over the dash of the Ultralite. It may give a bit of protection on compression but it does tend to compress to 1" in short order. It helped with monkey butt syndrom during the One Lap events.
  13. I like to put loctite on those bolt saftey wire is a good idea. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Wow Shane that was a really hard hit. I can see how you got injured so badly the passenger was lucky to not have the same injuries. I will defenitly look at tracks different after that video. Hope the recovery is coming along.
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