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  1. Will this be another 180 mph or something close to 200 mph? Any thoughts? Graeme
  2. Hey Meyers Now that you have sold your Mega Stalker and a few months have passed have you made up your mind on a new project - will it be faster than a speeding bullet or at least faster than the last one? Best Graeme
  3. This is a great car I have ridden in it several time on the street and the track. Handles like a dream, lots of power any time in any gear and great stopping power. John engineered everything in this car and didn’t scrimp on anything. It’s a nice car with ton’s of fun and life left. Graeme x Caterham owner
  4. I have a very nice Seven Trailer for sale - great trailer tows well I have used it for the last 8 years and its still going strong. $800 Have sold my Caterham and need to move the trailer - follow this link for more images http://sites.google.com/site/geesseven/home/other-parts Contact me at 312 543 9809 if you have any questions Trailer is located in Naperville, IL Graeme
  5. I just up loaded to the site the Caterham parts catalogue page where these parts are listed - take a look I measured the ubolt and its 1 1/2" dia and loops over the rear diagional rear brace on the Roll Bar FIA the Roll Cage in the cataloge looks like its the same size rear brace but difficult to tell. suggest you measure yours to see if it will work with the 1 1/2" dia Graeme
  6. I have been cleaning out and have a list of Caterham specific parts and some that don’t care where they go: • Caterham oil cooler • Set of 4 Jenvey 45mm x 90mm Air Horns • Caterham Flared wings never used • Caterham Flared wing stays – used • Caterham Tunnel Cover • Raceline billet alternator pulley • Caterham Flared Wings used and damaged • Caterham Flared Wing – side repeaters, used • Caterham Ital Live Axel Differential • Caterham Cycle Wing – side repeaters, never used • 2 different Caterham Speedo cable never used • Super 7 Cosworth – Enamel nose cone badge •
  7. Check this one out - If your close to Burlington Ontario I will deliver it to you, you look after all the GST, duty etc. http://sites.google.com/site/geesseven/ Graeme
  8. Im traveling right now and dont have the title in front of me but going from memory its listed as a 1969 Lotus Super 7 Replica Caterham" or it could be "1969 Lotus Super 7 Replica Caterham" Sorry Im not clearer - I will look it up as soon as I get home about Thursday Hope that helps Graeme
  9. There are 14,500 miles or there abouts on the speedo - thats the rebuilt engine and the chassis. In 2006 I had the car car stripped down to the frame and new left and right skins, frame was blasted and powder coated better than new. Thats when I swiched to 2.0 liter Zetec (was 1.8) and went to cycle wings - was 2.5 seconds faster after that on a 2.0 mile track. Front end went very light when I got over 100 mph and would drift about to much with the clams. Graeme
  10. After 9 years of great fun with my Seven I have determined its time to part ways. I’m selling my ‘95 Caterham Super 7. It is a great street car and has several class track records and Championships in the Chicago land area. Its listed and detailed on the following Google site - $28,800 REDUCED to $26,000 Also listed is a trailer I have used for the last 8 years - $950 REDUCED to $800 http://sites.google.com/site/geesseven/ In addition to the Seven there is a Trailer and several seven related books Contact me off line if you need anything. geewiz1@wideopenwest.com Gra
  11. Sorry I pressed the wrong highlights and voted for South Dakota by mistake Should have been Ozarks Graeme
  12. I have the European Zetec with the original WP and Raceline pulley sitting in the corner of my garage It’s still installed on the 1.8L Zetec I hade in my Caterham for 5 years I haven’t tried to take it off but would imagine its pretty easy. I replaced the engine with a 2.0 one the last winter and I used an electric water pump Davis Craig it the brand name it seams to work well why don’t you try that its easy to do? If your interested in the pump let me know I also have the RaceLine lower aluminum tube if you need it. See pictures Graeme http://www.usa7s.com/aspnetforum/upload/
  13. John Mott didnt make it to the group shoot Graeme Gee:iagree:
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