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  1. Great to see you guys there. Hopefully I'll see you in a few weeks down at NJMP.
  2. I'll be there tomorrow, with "Bessie".
  3. Finally made time to read Sam's piece. Loved it. Here's what I was trying to get at in my post above: "You get out of the thing after a good, hard stomp down a back road and feel physically drained, at one with the essence of travel." I have to be in the mood to drive the Seven (and also to deal with the after effects). That's really why I don't drive it as much as I should.
  4. I love Sam and have met him IRL, but IMO just because I don't put a ton of miles on my Seven doesn't mean I didn't buy the right car. Or even the right Seven. Both of the Sevens (a Caterham and now a 1961 Series 2) that I've owned are much more like motorcycles than they are cars. In the sense that I am exposed to the elements so much more — which is a good thing and a bad thing. Bad in the sense that driving the cars can beat you up more than any mainstream car. I often exit my car windburned, sunburned, and smelling like gasoline/oil...grinning ear to ear, of course, but nonetheless less a l
  5. Al Navarro lives! Glad to see that the Forum is still alive and well. Warming up here in NJ...will try to get the car out as soon as my driveway turns from mud to regular dirt!
  6. Just saw this posted regarding memorial service: "Sat the 24th at 9am is the gathering and at 10am is the memorial service both open to family and friends. Heffner Funeral Home on Kenneth Rd in York Pa. Following is the burial at the cemetery open to family only." If I was not out of town, I would be attending. With my Seven.
  7. A photo of Scott from 7-7-7. My old Superlight and his were "fraternal twins".
  8. Folks- It is with the heaviest of hearts that I share the news that founding USA7s Club member Scott Lentz passed away this past weekend. A friend/relative posted on his Facebook page: "Had a mild heart attack Friday night and had an accident, walked to the ambulance then had a massive heart attack at the hospital." Scott was part of the original group which gathered in 2006 at Skyline Drive...a gathering that led to the founding of the first mixed-marque LSiS club in the country, and the 50th Anniversary event at the Tail of the Dragon. I only really knew Scott via our s
  9. Al N.

    1961 Series 2

    Will get some additional pix posted soon. Great to hear from some of the old guard. Tom...I have a tank from Axminster. It's not custom as much as it is just the bigger size from the period. But hand-fabbed. My car has what I think this the original (now badly dented for some reason?) 5 gallon tank, which made planning road trips fun. I had been delaying putting the tank in because I didn't want to cut or add to the frame. But an acquaintance had a great idea to make a sub-frame for the new tank that has a "plinth" of sorts that sits in the space where the old tank went.
  10. Al N.

    1961 Series 2

    An email from a fellow forum'er guilted me into coming back to check in on the forum. Been tied up with house, wife, children, parents, work, life...you know, Zorba's "full catastrophe". Still have SB1341 and am enjoying the car, though the heat this summer has kept my blats to a minimum. Took my older girl (the one who did the Denver to LA trip with me....now a college graduate and PhD candidate) out for a blat the other day and we had a blast. Car is in shop to finally install the 10 gallon gas tank I had commissioned a few years ago...we figured out a way to do that without messing wi
  11. Light blue metallic with white top? Anyone on the forum?
  12. Thanks for sharing the pix, vids, and stories for those of us who couldn't be there in person. So great to see this event growing and going strong year after year! Thanks Mike & Tom!
  13. Really impressed with how this event has grown. Thanks for documenting and sharing pix/vids for people who couldn't make it. Will really try to make it back one of these years!
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