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  1. I am wondering if any one has ever fitted one as i have too in order to race on a hill-climb run...
  2. Yeah got to be moderate on the pedal with ur new set up,is there any adpter for a better one? if am sure i remember for the T5 ??
  3. Great engine choice and car!!!! is it on T9 box?
  4. Thanks man!!! need the white back though
  5. Thank u all guys! the Michelin a great tire and by the time they heat up,they are awesome! using 18psi cold,but on a slow track like the one on the pics, they don't have the time to heat up....either going on Hoosiers,or to Kumhos ecsta that i had them in the past and they perform fantastic!
  6. Just to share few pics with the new color,painter was feeling like lets change it a "bit" so couldn't resist the offer...its an aprilia bike Perl flat color which didn't think that i will like that much+ finally got racing plates so outside change to celebrate it :hurray:
  7. Sorry to hijack the thread,just to add an input on the front csr wings, the 22/53/13 seems that they fit nicely....
  8. They are Compomotive crx 1310, the rears are 10 inch wide at ET-24 and 100mm back space, and 9 inch fronts are ET 0 as i had them originally ordered for rears,their backspace is 125mm.Hope it helps.
  9. Went to 87 lb injectors few months back as couldn't raise the boost more than 1.1 bar and had some really nice figures,no other changes except taking off the actual can and fit a straight kinda say pipe... http://i121.photobucket.com/albums/o217/tigraturbo/10494265_10152522120436600_437144368_o_zps1b6455c1.jpg
  10. Am on 13'ns 10 inch rear and 9'ns...have to double check on offsets etc,but you're right...the rears having like 2 mm clearance from the A upright arm.
  11. Great engine there Give it a try on 13ns and see how u like it
  12. 2.3 Eco is already boosted if am correct,so no need for an up rate unless you want silly numbers,so stock turbo means no lag.
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