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  1. (1) Inside Gordon Murray's incredible lightweight car collection | Top Gear - YouTube
  2. Caterham Cars Has New Japanese Owners (jalopnik.com)
  3. Just purchased the Zamp RZ-62 after trying on a bunch of helmets this weekend at Summit Racing Equipment. I was surprised how different many of them felt so I would highly recommend finding a place where you can compare how each brand fits your noggin. I really liked the Simpson helmet looks but it was a nonstarter by the way it rubbed my forehead.
  4. Beautiful car, congratulations!
  5. Hi All Having a very difficult time fitting the 2 gallon Peterson dry sump oil tank into my WCM (2.2. liter Honda). Currently its in the passenger footwell but will greatly impact who can sit in the car as a passenger (i.e. less than about 5'6"). The 1.5 gallon tank may work but I'm unsure about whether this is enough capacity. Currently there is not a oil cooler so if its just a matter of cooling I do have room to fit a cooler at the front. Anyone have any advice/suggestions? Thanks Paul
  6. He didn't seem like a bad guy, many reasons he could of sold, perhaps he did want more power, perhaps over his head. Given the lack of information the criticism seems too much.
  7. Hi Jefferson I have the same issues with the dry sump installed on my WCM. Right now its located in the passenger seat footwell making the passenger seat almost useless. I'm 5'8" and I can't get in without me knees hitting the dash. I think your plan with the check valve is brilliant. I was concerned that the pressure head might overcome the 2psi cracking pressure but a few simple rho*g*h calculations and I've convinced myself that 2 psi should be fine. Just wanting to confirm...you didn't blow up your engine yet. :-) Additionally, did you (or anyone else) ever install a remote filter/
  8. that is a great video, I was smiling :-)
  9. A peak into a CatKong like build at a track! The closing speed is crazy on the other vehicles. And then the 2.5 liter variant. Croc, your going to need a double coating of that paint overcoat
  10. I will answer this question myself. My first 7 was a Caterham from the state of Washington. Having never had a car like this I didn't realize that there are good VINs and there are bad VINS. While i'm sure the state of Washington had there reasons, the VIN assigned to my car wasn't standard and therefore wasn't recognized in the "common" VIN system, it had 1 less number (i think). When I went to register my car Ohio DMV didn't know what to do with the VIN so sent me to a inspection agency within the DMV. Once there I had to produce documents that showed the engine and transmission were
  11. Thanks Croc, and the new build.. just wow, so happy for you. Can't wait for the videos of some track time.
  12. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Road clearance is about 3 inches. Thanks Paul
  13. Hello All I'm considering purchasing a Ultralight S2K that is registered in California. It has a CA SB100 registration. Does anyone know what documents I will need to register this in ohio? Can it be registered without a windshield and wipers? Thanks Paul
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