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7's in Texas - want to check on out, help please!

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hi guys,

I'm trying to help my dad out. He has his heart set on a lightweight trackday toy. He has been using his s2000 for this for the last 5 years but wants to move to something faster "before he's to old". I'm trying to help him do research and see what's out there since he's a little internet challenged. Currently he loves the idea of a radical SR3. While I think these are amazing, I'm less thrilled with the high maintenance cost of that hyabusa engine. I'm trying to get him to check out 7 style cars as a more low maintenance option. He rode in one old brunton stalker straight axle kit a few years ago and was NOT impressed. The guy had just got it on the road and had some suspension issues that needed ironing out.


I'd love for him to be able to ride in a well ironed out car to give him a better frame of reference. Especially one of the s2000 drivetrain models. We live in amarilloo and are trying to plan a trip through the state to do a track day in our cars, and get down to Houston and drive a radical.


Are there any texas 7 owners that would give up an hour of there time this fall to show off there car and give my dad a ride?



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Hello Coolhandluke,

I'm in Waco TX and have a World Class Motorsports Ultralite S2K. I would be glad to show to your dad and let him take a test drive. I too have an S2000 that I have driven for many trouble free miles. The S2K has S2000 engine and transmission, Subaru WRX rear end with inboard brakes and custom suspension. It is near bullet proof with the Honda ecu. My car is the former Chuck Spera D/Modified 7 with a long list of race wins. An internet search for Chuck Spera S2K will bring up a lot of history. I drove Waco to Lubbock and returned July 4th this year, picked up the car near Detroit in 2014 when I bought it and DROVE back to Texas with no problems. Chuck drove in the Houston to San Francisco Se7en tour in 2005. These are great track cars and comfortable (for a 7) road cars with Honda reliability. I have driven mine 8500 miles the past 16 months with only usual maintenance.


Contact wcmultralite.com for more information. Contact me and let me know when you will be in the Waco area. I will be glad to show off my S2K.


Robert F

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Thanks for the great info. We will definitely swing by texas motor works on our way down.


US Texas 7, if your schedule permits, we'd love to stop in Waco and check out your ride. We are going to be passing through Waco on Friday November 6th in the afternoon/evening, let me know when/if you'd be available to show off your car.

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