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Who wants more track days? -NJMP AND SUMMIT POINT

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I have been running locally at NJMP with TeamProMotion/Tracktime4Cars and have been having a blast.


Ive enjoyed myself so much that id like to forward the opportunity to join me (us). This is a great chance for everyone to get more seat time and not be limited to the one 7's event we do in July. Pricing right now is roughly $200-265 a day. Im working on nailing down some firmer numbers.


About the group:


This is generally an all bike track day (HPDE) with 1 run group for cars. We are a intermediate to advanced group but we do regularly have beginners come. We start fairly early and generally have 7 or 8 20 min sessions in a day. Several times in the past months we have had less than 10 cars on the track. Drivers are very respectful, and most if not all attending hang out together at the track just like at the 7's event. Any issues with driving are quickly addressed so no one gets overheated on the track.


We often grill together for lunch and host a group atmosphere. Its possible that lunch (burgers and such) would even be included for the upcoming events. The broad range of cars and drivers backgrounds make conversations very interesting!


If your 7 is down for... any reason, feel free to come with another vehicle.





8/6 LightninG

8/20-21 Summit Point Shenandoah/Main

9/3-4 NJMP Lightning

9/17 NJMP Thunderbolt

10/9 NJMP Thunderbolt

10/28-29 NJMP Thunderbolt

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