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  1. another year with the 7 in hibernation sad times. maybe ill come visit last min.
  2. After a long delay, I've had a chance to complete the build on my mini 7. Special thanks to a little lady that scored me an amazing lighting kit! By the way, did anyone else have a bag of extra parts after the build? Went through the manual for an hour but could not find anything I missed.
  3. actually in the process of reskinning the car as we speak. i wanted to get rid of bunch of dings, nicks, and other mishaps as well as upgrade the roll bar. regarding the rear fenders, i used linex bedliner and it held up perfect. looks like new after many years.
  4. hello sciff5. i too have an WCM s2k. Loren WestTexas is usually very active. i know he has fenders, hoods and lots of other parts available. personally i will be making a few sets of fender brackets and upgraded chromoly lower control arms. Goldie (the poster child WCM s2k) is also owned by a friend of mine and he loves it. the cars are SUPER SUPER easy to work on and you really dont need manufacturer support except for some hoods and fenders.
  5. nice. i like the 7's shirts but this one is kinda bla.
  6. looks like everyone got out whole and had a great time. sad i missed the awards dinner!
  7. Mike, I'm sure you local njmp guys heard about my escapades last year. I've cut the rear upper section off of my car to install a taller roll bar, and am now waiting to get the car skinned and painted. I've been waiting my turn at the shop since last summer... Mechanical wise, she runs like a top. I just want her to look as good as she feels.
  8. fabrication taking forever. i think i will not be able to make it sad times.
  9. haha, i thought i was the only one with rear exhaust! ill see if i can dig up an old pic!
  10. i recall brian anderson talking about doing this , or saying he had done it on the wcm ultralite when he was behind the wheel of the company many moons ago.
  11. lol garret. buy some 17's from a vw. most fit.
  12. anyone know the wheel and tires size on this car?
  13. for those, like me, that seem to miss out a lot. https://www.blipshift.com/products/add-lightness-vi
  14. best of luck Bruce. S2k's seem to get snatched up fairly quickly. i hope this one comes to the north east!
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