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The 2018 DC America's British Reliability Run, 9/28 - 9/30/18

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For our second year in a row, Debbie and I will drive our Caterham 7 in the DC chapter's America's British Reliability Run. This is a terrific event: well-run, with amazing people, and for a good cause. Our Military Kids provides activities for the children of deployed or hospitalized National Guard and Reserve members.


There are two ways you can participate:



1.) You can join the event, if you have an appropriate British car. (Since the 'look' of the Seven is appropriate for the 'old British car' vibe, they will accept most Sevens for this event.) If you have a 25-year old (or older) other British car, it is also acceptable.






If you can't participate directly in this year's event, you can help us raise funds for our team.



2.) Debbie and I are soliciting donations for our team... Any amount donated is much-appreciated!





Thanks! We hope to see some other Seven people there!



--Bob Collum





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Today was day one of the DC ABRR. Great roads, but lots and lots of puddles. Some puddles were large. At least one seemed to have a tide. I drove through in the Seven, and the water washed over the side pipe. The 'bow wave' reached the top of the nose. We were lucky to get through. The guy in the TR6 was not so lucky. The water pushed his radiator into the fan, and he lost coolant. His car died several miles up the road. The good news - we had help to him quickly, and he got to drive away in the 'Car of Shame' Miata. The support crew diagnosed the issue, called and ordered parts, and had the TR6 towed. It will be worked on today, and we expect it to be back in the hunt tomorrow. Great camaraderie amongst the ABRR teams, and the support team really outdid themselves on this!


--Bob Collum





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A minor 'lake crossing' in the TR6; the one that finally killed it was nearly three times as deep. The radiator got pushed against the fan, and they lost all coolant. The good news - the ABRR Support Team was there quickly, provided the team with a backup car, and his TR6 was repaired and picked up late morning of day 2. By the way. the second picture shows that same Triumph, repaired, the next day.


Day 2 was great - perfect weather, and no 'lakes' to drive through. Everybody had fun, but I suspect nobody had as much fun as Mark & me in the Seven. Note: we both need to launder our jackets, as our 'outboard' sleeves are getting FILTHY!


--Bob Collum





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