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  1. Sorry I didn't see this earlier. I have an S3, and would be happy to have you come look at mine. I am in Oakton, VA - not far from the junction of 66 and 50, where Fair Oaks Mall is. We can arrange to meet - robert_collum@hotmail.com --Bob Collum
  2. The following message was issued by Katie's owner, Mike Kearney, on Facebook last night, 07/17/20: In the interest of public health, we are erring on the side of caution and to avoid large gathering of people in our community, we will be closing Katie's Cars and Coffee until further notice. There will be no displaying of cars permitted. Thank you for your support! - Mike Kearney, Director Please respect his wishes, and keep his employees, and yourselves, safe! If I hear of re-opening, I will announce it here. (Katie's and the Old Brogue are still open for lunch and dinner --
  3. That's correct - it's a Kaiser-Darrin. The attached picture shows the two identical K-Ds a local guy used to own. (He has since sold one.) Great condition, and a cool-looking car! The doors that slide into the front fender are the most eye-catching feature. --Bob Collum
  4. I still have not gotten word that Katie's is ready to open up for Cars & Coffee, so here's another look back at previous events. I will let you know when Mike K says it's appropriate to start gathering for Saturday cars & coffee again. Stay safe! --Bob Collum
  5. Sure. That's a creation of a Park Service Policeman who goes by the name of 'SpeedyCop'. He makes vehicles for 24 Hours of Lemons races. We've seen his twin-engine Cessna (with no wings), built on a Toyota van chassis, and he has an upside-down California Highway Patrol Camaro that he drives upside down, head-and-shoulders out above the bottom of the car. --Bob Collum
  6. Yes, it's been a very long time without an 'official' Katie's Cars & Coffee - and it will still be a while before they are ready to host the full-blown event again. Please be patient. We encourage you to have breakfast or dinner at the Old Brogue; they need your business. I will announce here when they are ready for the throngs that accompany C & C. In the meantime, here are some notable memories from past Katie's: --Bob Collum
  7. We are still waiting for Katie's Cars & Coffee to re-open; best guess is currently sometime in July. I will let you know when they are ready. The restaurant is now open, but limited in capacity; they are NOT ready for a full-on Katie's crowd, so please do not jump the gun on this. Rob Smith provided me with pictures for this week's Best of Katie's. Thanks, Rob! --Bob Collum
  8. Katie's Cars & Coffee is still officially closed. I will let you know when the owner says they are ready to resume. Until then, here are some memorable vehicles from Katie's past Saturdays: --Bob Collum
  9. Here we are, at the end of May, and Katie's Cars & Coffee is still closed. As I mentioned before, I have communicated with Mike K., the owner of Katie's, and he is not yet ready to welcome Cars & Coffee back to his place. As soon as I have updated information on this, I will post it here. In the meantime, in the absence of a physical get-together, I offer you some pics from the past. This week's guest photographer is Mike Swiek, who provided all these photos. It goes without saying (at least by me) that this week's photo quality is way better than usual. Thanks, Mike! --
  10. Still no Katie's Cars & Coffee, due to social distancing requirements. I will let you know here, when I hear the restrictions are lifted. (Unlikely to be soon!) In the meantime, here are some pics from previous year gatherings. Thanks to Mike Swiek for providing some better-quality photos than I can muster. --Bob Collum
  11. Looks like at least two more weeks of social distancing. I will let you know here, when Katie's Cars & Coffee is back open. Until then, here are some notable cars from the past... --Bob Collum
  12. Looks good! Don't you wish you always doubled your money when you sold a car? (I sure do!) --Bob Collum
  13. As we continue practicing social distancing, we all long for the day that we can get back out and see friends at car events. Until that can happen safely, I will continue posting pics from previous events. Feel free to post some of your favorites, too! My friends and I have found it useful to have weekly video conference calls, to keep in touch. Take care of yourself, and your loved ones! --Bob Collum
  14. Actually, that is a Messerschmitt. (Not a great picture - this shows it a little better.) Owner had just bought it at an auction of a microcar museum liquidation. He said 40 mph is as fast as he would EVER want to go in it! --Bob Collum
  15. Yes, we are still socially distancing, so no physical Katie's Cars & Coffee - we will make do with this virtual one. As soon as we are able to go back to Katie's in-person, I will let you know. --Bob Collum
  16. Thanks again to friends who are helping supply pictures of cars & people from past Katie's (and other car events). Send pictures to me at - Robert_collum@hotmail.com. -Bob Collum P.S.: A large part of enjoying cars & coffee is friendships made there. There's an amazing amount of knowledge and experience. Case in point - one of the group at the 'Old Guys Table' at Katie's is Peter K. Peter has several very nice cars - that's not unusual at Katie's. When I asked my friends for some pictures to post, Peter sent the Daytona 1984 pics below. Peter worked for Group 44, the r
  17. Some memorable cars from past Katie's Saturday mornings:
  18. Still another week of Social Distancing, so - no Katie's Cars & Coffee. I hope everyone is well. I drove over and picked up lunch at the Old Brogue. Thanks to Mike Swiek for his pictures. --Bob Collum
  19. Thanks! he two white cars are Kaiser Darrins. Same guy owned both. (Has since sold one, but also owns the Messerschmidt.) --Bob Collum
  20. It's the third week of going cold-turkey from Katie's Cars & Coffee, and this is a special week. The first-ever, 'official' Katie's Cars & Coffee happened (according to my info) on 04/03/2010. That makes this the 10th Anniversary of our favorite weekly car gathering! Here is a selection of some pictures I took on that day, 10 years ago - --Bob Collum
  21. No Katie's Cars & Coffee, again this week, due to social distancing. A major annoyance, but the only way we have of lessening the spread of COVID-19 is to help the medical community by limiting contact, and thus, the spread of the virus. Thanks to my friends Chuck Brownstein, Mike Swiek, David Sunter, and Mike DiAndrea for contributing pictures from the past! It's highly unlikely that the distancing rules will be lifted in the next week, so I will continue to post Best of Katie's pictures from the past, until we can get together again. I do have two requests: 1.) Please se
  22. No cars & coffee, but please consider calling in a food order to support Katie's. You can pick your food up at a drive-through, right in front of Katie's, to take it home. Carry-out food can be ordered at (703)759-3309. --Bob Collum
  23. When I was growing up, Johnny Carson was the king of late night TV. He was a fixture in every American home. When he was off, NBC selected a highly-rated, memorable episode from their archives, and aired that older episode. It was always funny, and very entertaining. It was called 'Best of Carson', and was very popular. I hope people enjoy reminiscing, like I do. During the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are missing the socialization that we have taken for granted. Over the years, I have made many lasting friendships via my Saturdays at Katie's. Medical experts insist that social distanci
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