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3.9 English Ford CWP

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Have an original 3.9 EnFo CWP gear set for sale.   Not cheap reproduction stuff and gears are near-perfect condition.  Includes both bearings, races, distance piece, flange and nut.   $200 for all plus shipping from Akron, OH.  Craig Chima,  CC Motorsports. (330) 807-0742 or chima97@aol.com



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Updating my original post as follows:   In addition to the parts mentioned above, a brand new thick-wall distance piece goes with the CWP set as does a new pinion seal.    Another thought worth mentioning is that those "in the know" will recognize that the distance piece pictured is the original early style, meaning that the diff was likely assembled at the factory and then never touched until I disassembled it.

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