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  1. I have made some revisions to my SCCA Lotus 7 over the winter and as such, am selling the front a-arms that were on the car when it won the 2020 SCCA Runoffs. These will bolt on any Lotus/Caterham chassis and the width is similar to a Caterham "wide track" front suspension (the bottom a-arm is adjustable from 14.75" to 16" wide and top arm can be adjusted accordingly). A-arms are chromoly and the lengths done to give optimal camber curve and are fully adjustable for camber and caster and will accept a stock Caterham style upright. $500 for the set of four (the rod ends would cost you ov
  2. Yes, it is sold and the list of others who wanted the car is now probably at least 10. But it went to a good home and Lotus enthusiast in Colorado.
  3. Well, as Henry suggested, it didn't last long. Have a verbal commitment to purchase with deposit being sent, and one more person on the "waiting list" so pretty sure it is spoken for. Craig
  4. I have reluctantly decided to sell my 1965 Lotus 7 project (SB1961) and am posting detailed information here. I would very much like for this car to go to a dedicated 7 enthusiast since I will not be able to finish it myself (recent spinal fusion of L1 to L5 which will preclude me from doing major restoration and mechanical work in the future). As such, the project is being listed only on this website and also the simplesevens website. Details of the project along with a single picture below will give you an idea of the current status but in a nutshell this is a straight, sound chassis w
  5. Have a set of fiberglass Caterham rear fenders for sale. They are 12" wide and recently primered and would just need scuffed in order to be painted at this point. $200 for the pair plus shipping from Akron, OH. Craig Chima, CC Motorsports, Akron, OH. chima97@aol.com or 330 807-0742
  6. Thanks all! Back home in Akron now and it was obviously a good end to long week. Feels good to get another win, 18 years after the last one (with 12 years away from SCCA during that time). The car had a horrible push all week and I spent 6 previous sessions trying to dial it out with different front tires, compounds, etc. I went about things drastically different from Ethan (pole Lotus) as I was looking for as much straight line speed as possible and sacrificing some handling in the process. His car was unbelievably hooked up in the carrousel and he was 1 sec faster in segment 2 wherea
  7. Looking for a 3.9 English Ford ring and pinion gear set, or complete differential (typically used in Lotus 7's, Elans, Cortinas, Anglias, etc). Will buy outright or trade for 3.77 or 4.11 R&P. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Craig Chima, CC Motorsports, (330) 807-0742 or chima97@aol.com
  8. This is probably what you are after. Right side dry sump mount. I just did a test fit on motor with 5 port Titan pump with 3/4" scavenge pipe and fits fine. It's not so much that you need the tubes spread wider, you need them to be radiused (bent) in order to clear the pump.Email me directly or PM me for additional information. Craig Chima, CC Motorsports, chima97@aol.com
  9. Is the bonnet still available? If so, can you please email me at chima97@aol.com. I have a couple of questions about dimensions. Thanks, Craig Chima. (chima97@aol.com)
  10. Kind of a subjective question as depends on where "sound" readings are taken, max rpm used at sound station, and amount of plates used but under 98 for sure even with sound meter on the "exhaust" side of the track at 8000+ rpm and likely far less than that under different circumstances.
  11. I have a couple of different side exhausts from different race car projects that are now extra to my needs. Both would be ideal for Ford motor cars as they are 4 into 1 collectors with 1 5/8" tubes. Both are 38.5" long from tip-to-tip and the one has an extension with turn out that brings total length to just about 50". Both also have Supertrapp muffler systems on them and will include extra plates as needed for both. Both also have bungs welded in for Oxygen sensors. $50 each which is about 20% of the cost of the parts that were used to build them. Craig Chima, CC Motorsports, Ak
  12. All, I've been watching Croc's ad list recently and haven't seen anything that fits the bill. Would like to find a 70's or early 80's solid axle Caterham (or possibly pre-lit Westfield) with crossflow motor that is a decent "driver" (i.e. no show cars wanted!). These cars occasionally pop up in the $15K to $17K range and that's basically what I'm after. Will consider cars that need some TLC and don't mind cars that are in need of engine/tranny/driveline work but I'm not looking to take on a big restoration project at this time and will definitely consider RHD. If you have anything
  13. Tank, pedals, and scale sold. Thanks for the inquiries. 7 velocity stax and CWP still for sale.
  14. Shop cleaning time and thought that I'd see if there was any interest in the below items. All prices INCLUDE shipping unless otherwise noted: 1.5' long Stainless Steel Velocity stax for 40 DCOE Weber. ( 9 of them). $15 each or $100 for all 5 Sherline 2000# Tongue Weight Scale (new in box). $75. Don't tow your trailer without knowing if tongue weight is appropriate! Aluminum 7 gallon Fuel tank (measures 34.5" x 6.75" x 7.75". Will fit in stock Lotus/Caterham location or perfect for replicas. $100 plus shipping Clutch/brake pedal assembly. Small compact pedal assembly for s
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