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New Owner in Oregon


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Hello from Portland. I bought the yellow 310S that was on BAT last November. Rich was extremely helpful in arranging the sale and getting the car ready, and I had a mostly uneventful drive home in early December. 

It’s been a typical wet Portland winter, and the car has been in hibernation. I need to have protective film installed and get a small windshield rock hit fixed and it should be good to go. 

One question, it’s been three months since I drove it, is there anything special I should do when starting it? I’ve seen suggestions to disconnect the plugs or fuel pump, and run the starter to build oil pressure. It’s been covered in a dry garage. 




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Page 181 of the 2015 manual details the dry startup procedure.  Basically you want to run the starter without letting it fire, until you start getting pressure.  Disconnecting the inertial switch on the right firewall by the brake / clutch reservoir, will cut the fuel pump.  If you have a wet engine I wouldn't expect it to take long to build pressure.


15.8) Cranking for oil pressure

Before running the engine for the first time it is recommended that the following sequence is carried out. This will ensure that the oil system is capable of delivering lubricant throughout the engine.

  •   Apply handbrake and check that the gear lever is in the Neutral position

  •   Disconnect the wires from the inertia switch, located on the bulkhead above the ECU

  •   Operate the ignition switch to crank the engine over until oil pressure registers on the gauge (oil pressure will be low due to the speed of the engine when turned by the starter motor).


It may be necessary to turn the engine over for 30-40 seconds to achieve oil pressure. Once oil pressure has been achieved, switch OFF ignition and reconnect the inertia switch. Press down on the rubber button on top of the inertia switch to ensure that it has been de- activated.

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Hi Port,  those instructions are correct for a new crate engine that may have been sitting for a long time. I would not consider 3 months parked as any issue for these engines. If the engine had fresh good oil when parked you are good to go.

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