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  1. $0.02 the heater is AMAZING and even with it off, the tunnel is self-heated.
  2. I'm the wrong person to ask about "if it were my cash." I put $10k into rebuilding an engine on a free car. Fortunately I was able to distract my wife from that by spending far more on the 7. If your long term plan is that 1.6 with 100k miles and possibly forced induction, I would not cheap out now -- performance, or at least "pretty good." Like whatever you'd want to be in there in the motor's final configuration. If you're planning to pull the engine and sell it, maybe go "equivalent." For my cash I prefer to "cry once." That said, I just googled it and the price range is staggering. Oof. Is it worth the extra $250-300 (freedom units, no idea how well that translates) to not pull your head again in the future?
  3. sorry if I missed this from a previous post ... are you doing a vanilla 1.6 rebuild, or are you rebuilding it a little more perky? Sounds like you're sticking with standard valves & springs ... same cam arrangement too? are you able to (do you have space to) re-route the cooling?
  4. Thoughts and prayers...
  5. https://caterhamparts.co.uk/master-cylinder/601-brake-master-cylinder-lhd-csr-no-reservoir.html this one?
  6. Thanks! LMK when you get closer and I can burn you one
  7. we'll definitely post plans and an itinerary. would be great to meet you if we can make it happen. Here's a similar ride the local (to me) Bri'ish car club made last year: https://www.britishcarclubcharleston.com/TailOfTheDragon.php -- basically a day out, 2 days around the mountains, and a day back. Looking at maps, I think that's a fairly sensible route; especially if we include cherohala skyway and highlands (which are about 2-3 hours apart). I was kinda thinking of using one lodging for the trip as a "home base", to leave behind luggage and doors and whatnot, but that might lead to a few round trips and more calendar time. If we did end-to-end (carry your doors): start at highlands, NC; drive 1.5hrs via Franklin to Robbinsville, break / fuel / lunch From there up to Tallassee via Deal's Gap and back (1.5 hrs) to Robbinsville then out Cherohala (~ 2 hrs). Overnight around Tellico Plains. A shorter option: Robbinsville -> Tallassee -> Robbinsville -> Tellico Plains -> Robbinsville ~ 185 mi, <5h. Open to suggestions. It's not lost on me that BRP is striking distance, for those of us to the east (if you wiggle the map and squint and obscure facts when discussing this with one's spouse).
  8. Is that for the tail lights or the front signals? What PN should I look for? I've been thinking about re-rigging the front-facing signal lights for dual running/signal service. I opted for the LED headlamps, they're fantastic
  9. Hm. I'll have to look that up. A neighbor has an old (60s?) Ginetta, but it's a little smaller than that. Jimmy and I are talking bout a ride to TN/NC to look at trees and bendy roads for a day or so. Eyeballing a map, I think you're a ~1/2 day away, same a us (give or take). Drive out one afternoon, overnight #1, ride around for a day, overnight #2, then home on the 3rd day.
  10. It's all magic and voodoo. Sounds like you got a weird config delivered, and once that was sorted you're in a good place. You gonna bring it out to deals' gap to meet me and Jimmy in October?
  11. I had to use a power bleeder and a lot of pressure (like 100#) to get through some sort of bubble in the rear line. Even now, by feel, they seem softer than I'd expect, but they felt better after bedding. And they definitely stop the car, and modulate well once I take up any slack. I'll flush them later this year when I get bored some weekend.
  12. Franklin, NC -> Highlands, NC: ~ 35 mins / 20 mi Cherohala Skyway: Tellico Plains, TN -> Robbinsville, NC: ~ 1.5 hrs / 52 mi Deal's Gap: ? 30 mins / 12 mi Sounds like we could meet up at one end night before, putt around a day, overnight on the other end, head home? I think both endpoints are ~4 hours from either Atlanta or Charleston, fortunately sort of in the middle.
  13. found an indent on the RHS footwell in the engine bay, perfectly-sized for a business card / build plate.
  14. I'm also experimenting with flaps. Some light notes here as things progress. The platform is a newish Caterham, Duratec (360S). I'm using recycled rubber material, about 1/8" thick. I've cut two 8x8" squares, and VHB-taped them to the back inside of the cycle wings. They are pretty flexible. The RHS is long enough that it could hit the primaries, but has not yet been an issue on a few test-rides around town (50mph max, mostly much less). Significant improvement on gravel kick-up. Anecdotally it sounds like less pinging, and empirically I'm picking less up out of the seat (and my shirt / face). If this configuration becomes permanent I may extend the material to fix to the cycle stay, and tap a few screwholes on there for a more permanent mount -- and to offload some pressure from the fiberglass. I'll also round off the corners, of course
  15. The Miata came with two versions, apparently the MSM version is better for lowered suspension. Safe to assume Westfield know what they're doing, I was mostly curious. Thanks for detailing the build, it's interesting to watch in real time. Will be *very* interesting when you select a turbo kit
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