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Looking for a new top and doors for my 1969 S3.  What are my options?  Can I fit later Caterham offerings?  They have larger windows, zip-out rear window and doors that fold so you can actually store them in the car.

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I’d forgotten the half-hooders also made full tops, thanks.


Weirdly, I have been emailing and calling Redline for months with no response.  Any idea what might be up?

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Thundersport now only sells certain items through Caterham.  This includes hoods and screens.


Does anyone know if a "Caterham S3" hood and side screens will fit a 1969 Lotus S3?

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The doors and hood wil fit.

Like all things 7, some adjustments will be necessary.


Cat never changed any external dimension of the cockpit and basket from S2/3.  Only changes were seat back bulkhead set back 2.25" and shock tower mounts have evolved to suit.  Hoodstick and windscreen shapes and locations unchanged throughout S3 "Imperial" chassis production.  DeDion cars may have a difference, I don't know.  Always specicify an Imperial S3 kit.

The main difference will be the door closing strap fasteners type and location.

That may need to be changed on the body as they moved from outside to inside, or did they use both?

Order weather kits without fasteners fitted so you can fit according to what's already on the car.

I have a S2 and a modern Cat screen.  (not selling it) The faster types are different but locations are identical.  I easily switched out the bullets for poppers.

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From Thundersport:


Unfortunately, I have some bad news.  I have been discussing your email with both the company director (the original trimmer who patterned the Caterham weather gear in the 70s) and our production manager.
The current full hood and doors will definitely not fit your car.   Our director advised that you might be able to get away with a short cockpit full hood but, upon investigation of our pattern boards with the Production Manager, we have no longer have the patterns available.  
Many apologies that we are unable to be of assistance.

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I also inquired directly with Soft Bits and they only make half-hoods and half-doors.  If I had a roll bar, they were confident they could make one up just from photos.  Nice to know.

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I suppose there is something about current production patterns that has changed since the 90s.

I have my doubts about this statement.  Pick it apart and realize how quickly many will dismiss a email request.

"the current full hood and doors" What is "current"?  What aspects of fit are they referrer ring to, the adjustable popper locations?

"might be able to get away with" = "I really don't know"

"we no longer have the patterns available" = we can't be bothered to get them.


I would lend you my hood to test, but without more clarification on why current hoods will not fit, it may not prove anything.   I believe my hood will fit perfectly.  But I say that as one who hasn't actually fitted my hood and its a hood ten years older than my build.  Sorry, not selling it, its my only hood.


I will go erect my hood and if it doesn't fit, i will PM you.

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