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Brunton Stalker Jacking and Towing Points

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The ones I've seen can be towed and jacked but I think "correct" is a stretch as the tow points seem to be optional or left off by the builders. If you have a cage and rear diffuser and need to pull the car on to a flat bed/dolly/trailer, a strap around a cage tube could be used without damaging anything. For jacking, the rocker rails behind the side pipes would work well for front and rear. Consider slipping a board or rubber pad between the jack and rail to prevent scratches from the jacking pad/foot. If it is too low for a standard floor jack to slide under, roll the car on boards or use a 2x4x8 (narrow side up) with a 2x4 cleat two feet from the end to lift against the chassis rail without pushing on the exhaust to bring it up enough to use a floor jack. You could also lift at the cage. A version of the '60's pit jack would work well. They work similar to a hand truck with a reversed handle and are made to engage a flat surface over a large area. They had wood or rubber strips attached to prevent scratches.

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Yes. No need to remove the skin if you use a block of wood across the corner that will lift on the rocker rail and the cross rail.

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