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A.R.E wet sump/oil pan early on zetec question


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IMG_5847.jpeg.761a71feca4e93653d7f4aca42c03699.jpeg.thumb.jpg.5d0663c0bc93db36385dee7aad2ebef8.jpgIs anyone familiar with the cast aluminum wet sump oil pan from Armstrong Race Engineering?  They no longer make it and the company has not responded to my inquiries.  It's looks similar to the Raceline pan. 


The bottom of the oil dipstick in the Cincy Birkin is broken off.   I don't remember that being the case when I checked oil when it first arrived.  Afraid it's floating around in the pan.  Need to pull it.


Wondering if there is anything special I need to know, what gasket they use plus it's oil capacity.  I can put back in the amount it has but I have no idea if that's full or not with the broken dipstick. 


Anyone have any experience with them?  Was installed around 2005.  

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I'd buy a new 2000-2004 dipstick for a ford focus (about $12 from Dorman), then use that as is to determine the correct oil level to top off the pan to after running the engine. I expect you will find a standard focus "upper" pan gasket, which is molded rubber and anti-crush washers imbedded to prevent over tightening that would extrude the rubber.

  Before pulling the pan, insert the standard dipstick to see if it bottoms out before seating on the tube. If it bottoms (shallower than oem pan), they probably cut the tip off for clearance, leaving only the full mark hole as a reference.

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