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  1. check out Project CARS, WMDPortal.com
  2. I was asking about your Birkin whic you will be selling
  3. Excellent car - Subscribed to the thread how much power does it make and what is the weight?
  4. :hurray::hurray::hurray: Here is after lunch session
  5. Thank you for the details, we all feel part of this ordeal. Love your car and feel we all have a stack in all the Caterhams
  6. Yeap made me think twice, I have had large stones hit the windshield but this is just unbelievable. My wife had to go pick him up, he was shaken but not stirred
  7. Looks good, Traqmate now works with GoPro How is the car coming? what is the total $$$$ expected
  8. Karl - ? What data acquisition video system do you use, looks pretty good
  9. this just happened earlier today to someone I know. Piece of iron when through his windshield - he is okay
  10. What do the Top Gear (UK) guys say about some car drivers
  11. I did get some better laps, but then the pace car had to pick up speed and that left me and the pace car 1/4-1/2 track ahead of the car behind me. so he kept slowing down. Then at half time of each session they would put another car in front of me and last session they did that for the whole session The exchange with the P driver was unexpected but may be it was my fault. I have other hobbies too and I am used to teaching and coaching, being certified instructor in my other hobbies and used to talking to large groups and teaching class. I was trying to help but I should not be doing that
  12. someone else said " That Porsche couldn't find the drivers line if it was painted on the track " :iagree:
  13. That is an awesome build how build the cage?
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