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  1. Wow. Congratulations. I’m looking for a Miata or Rx7/8 shell... I might be selling my car, maybe as a roller.
  2. Have you any more photos of how your windshield is attached?
  3. The steering wheel is from 2011 when the car was born. Grant 11" suede. I decided to double down and re-invent the car once more this winter. We did the math and it's at 705 flywheel BPH/Ton. I am now targeting Miata weight balance and measures with added downforce and ugh, safety bits.
  4. Yeah. Lawnmower is my Seb Ferrari tribute, same wing as your car. You might want to itemize and part out your car. I’ve been debating it. Found an FD and a FB rx7 shells... thinking having a windshield would be so cool.
  5. he's a lot quicker than you or i... more power never bad, esp in such a forgiving and capable miata...
  6. I am going to give it another go this year. Goal, be competitive in autocross, track day, standing 1/2 mile, drift, and short track drags without a trailer, changing tires etc... Would love to run solo1/time attack/drift, but a "kit car" and not massed produced production vehicle. this might be my last go, before joining the miata crowd. I spanked a supercharged LS miata on highway but there's nothing I could do to stay with it on the off ramp, or under braking.. I love hitting the cruise rides and car shows. Currently my kite is running 1760lbs at 705Bph per ton (flywheel and no d
  7. Amazing car, and well sorted. Sad to see you go. It's the car that convinced me to buy mine in 2011. You should swap engine and transmissions with the miata...
  8. With the V8 I would go with a larger diameter wheel/tire combo and run 1" shorter coil-overs, or same length as front, or limiting straps. My car truly came alive, and no more clunks to frame and snap oversteer. In front, 1/16" TTO, lower a-arms level, and almost 2 deg neg camber. There are extra threads on one side to allow more, but limited on the drivers side. I am hoping to fab new control arms this winter to get more caster, add more stability (no more speed oscillations). I am also switching spindles to Speedway Motors new Metric geometry and lower ball joint, short steering arm, an
  9. Bonjo2

    fun car

  10. Bonjo2

    fun car

  11. Haha. Yours more like the United colors of Benetton. I really don’t want to take the car apart again.... But, will to make it safer. I also want to make up some new front a-arms and a different spindle and steering arm—wanting more adjustment, more angle, and less flex. So far I’m thinking two bars from center main hoop curving out to the top of the a pillars, leaving enough room to get in and out, the straight bar to floors 4 point corner front outside of seat by knees, a straight tube across at top of scuttle height with threaded insert for center net, then a simple side
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